How To Know If A Muslim Matchmaking Site Is Genuine

By Larry Hayes

There was little choice when it was time to marry in the Islamic world in the past. All a parent did was to bring a girl from your neighborhood and you were married officially. Today, people live away from parents. Getting staunch Muslims is also a challenge. Muslim matchmaking sites have come to provide a solution that creates an element of choice without diluting the Islamic values. You only need to identify a genuine site and be conscious of some of the mistakes to avoid in order to land a genuine partner.

It is possible to tell the credibility of a website from its features and thus establish whether you will get the help you need. Most sites come from free or trial features that give you a hint of what to expect. It is these features that can be used to test its credibility. Before subscribing to any service, test whether the free features guarantee privacy and security. This will give you green light to proceed or abandon the site.

The site and people who subscribe to it have details provided on their profiles. Scan these profiles to establish whether they have inappropriate content. Should you unearth any such content, it is time to look elsewhere. Any compromise on Islamic principles means that even the other features of the website have compromised their features. Such compromises will expose you in the long run.

The details given by potential partners on the site should be compared to those of social media and any other platform where personal information can be obtained. This also includes descriptions and images. Any discrepancies are an indicator of trouble. The site has a responsibility to conduct background checks on people it recruits. This will protect you from fraudsters.

To be productive in the use of matrimonial sites, it is advisable to set up a different email. Some may spam your inbox with unnecessary promotional materials that will get you irked. The email also helps you separate your social life and that of official business. It is especially important when you are using company emails and communications channels to avoid being flagged off or your emails being screened unnecessarily.

Remember that you are dealing with strangers whose trustworthiness is unknown. This calls for caution whenever you need to reveal personal information. Begin by conducting an intense background check on the person. Keep details about your finances, address, and location, among others private until you are sure that the person is genuine. Even then only reveal the details that would not compromise your money, be used for hacking or to con your acquaintances.

It is normal to come across fake profiles purporting to be genuine. Such profiles are established for criminal purposes. You should be cautious when dealing with anyone online. When something wrong has happened, it will be impossible to trace such a person. To keep off fraudsters, remain inquisitive and do not reveal your personal details haphazardly.

If the relationship gets to the point of one-on-one meeting, ensure that friends or family members are involved and make it a public place. In case such a person has ulterior motives, public places and the presence of other people will be a deterrent. Never share videos or pictures that may compromise your character or integrity.

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