Shopping At Thrift Stores In PA

By Frank Mitchell

After the Great Recession, many people started shopping at thrift stores in order to save money on clothes and other items that they needed. Thrift stores in PA offer a variety of goods, such as clothes, dishes and even furniture. Many people claim that they not only save money but they also enjoy the experience of searching through the shop for good bargains.

These shops also help the community because they are often run by charitable organizations. This means that not only are low-income families helped because they can buy the goods at a reduced cost, but the sale proceeds are also used by the charity to help toward a worthy cause. Thousands of people and their families have been helped by the donations collected from these shops. In addition, because the proceeds are for charitable causes, many of the shops can sell their goods tax free, with saves the shopper even more money.

The most obvious reason why people shop there is because they are cheaper than average big box stores. This is good for people who need things, like clothes and shoes, but do not want to pay full price for them. You can even find household items, like dishes and furniture, at these shops.

One great way to save even more money at these stores is to shop there when they have grab bag days. Grab bag days is when the shop basically bags up random items in a bag that customers can purchase for a dollar or two. Sometimes, the bags are clear, and they may contain small toys or other trinkets, so people can see what they are buying. In many cases, you cannot see what is inside the bag until after you buy it, which makes the shopping experience more interesting and fun.

If you are a fashion diva with your own sense of style, you may find that thrift shops fuel your fashion creativity because you never know what you will find. Instead of being forced to buy the latest style trends in traditional clothing stores, you can search through endless possibilities in the thrift stores and use hand-me downs to create your own fashion trends.

Many people worry about whether the clothes sold in these shops are actually clean or whether they are dusty and moldy. Many of the stores will actually wash the clothes before setting them out on the racks. You can ask a staff member what their policy is and whether they clean the clothes beforehand. If you are still dubious about the cleanliness of the clothes, you can wash them at home yourself before you wear them to ensure that they are clean.

These places are also a literal treasure trove for the avid shopper. If you have a keen eye and a knowledge of antiques, you may find something of value that has been donated or other shoppers have overlooked. This is a great way to search for antiques without paying the high costs that collectors frequently do.

To find the best shops in your neighborhood, start by searching online. You may discover that one has opened up near you that you did not know about. If you have friends or family members that are also avid thrift shoppers ask them what shops they prefer to visit. Of course, you can also support your favorite charity by donating to their shop or buying goods from them.

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