Ways For Seeking A Partner For Single Muslims

By John Collins

Sharing your life with someone you love and cherish brings happiness and joy to your life. In Islam marriage is viewed as an act of faith. However, for many single Muslims, it is a hard task to find someone who can support you in fulfilling this purpose. This is because of obvious reasons like few people of the opposite sex. Here are few things to help in finding a partner.

Be respectful. This applies to both men and women. When you meet with a potential partner, handle yourself with respect even after you realize that you might not like the person that much. Show respect and listen to what they have to say. Engage actively in the conversation. Present yourself as husband or wife material to that person. You never know they might hook you up with someone you will like.

Be active in various activities. Do not just sit at home and wait for a partner to come knocking at your door. Get involved. Participate in volunteer work in the community. That way you will meet people your age and interact with them at a personal level. Somebody in that group might fall for you, be open to talk with them and get to know each other better.

Do not lose hope. Have patience, practice it as much as you can. Avoid being haste in making your decisions. Being patient as they say pays. At times things might get tough for you. Do not despair have faith and hold on. As long as you are searching, you definitely will find the right person for you. Someone who will love and support you.

Do not walk this road alone. For you to achieve the goal of finding a perfect partner for yourself. You need wisdom and advice of those who have been there and have done that. Probably your parents. Talk to them, let them help you find a good partner if they can, and you entrust them too. Having been married for many years they can make things easy for you.

Go online. Find a good Muslim dating site on the internet. Create an account with them. Make sure to update your profile with a good-looking photo, your values, the kind of person you are and the type of person you would like to get into a relationship with. Be engaging and active. Going online is an easy way to meet with potential partners.

Get a trusted chaperone. A chaperone in Islam is someone who moderates meetings between two people of the opposite sex. This has to be someone you trust completely. Their main role is to sit through the meetings to ensure that you do not get involved sinfully with your potential partner by being tempted by Satan which happens quite easily. Given both of you are attracted to each other.

By following the tips given, a single Muslim can increase by far their chances of finding a partner for life. Despite the many challenges that will come up in the process, they should stay positive and never lose faith. Marriage is highly recommended in Islam, and everyone should seek to fulfill this part of the faith with modesty.

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