What To Know About Arab Dating

By Martha Schmidt

Finding a good mate for their children is very important for Arab families. That has not changed over the years. How Arabs are allowed to date differs per region. The focus is on protecting the virtue of the women. Their reputation is very important. Nowadays Arab dating is possible through internet.

Traditionally a man brings gifts to his future wife when he comes to visit. In the Gulf regions people with a serious relationship will sign a contract with each other. Men depend on their female relatives to help them find a partner. The family will not allow the women to go on dates before they get married. People in these regions believe firmly in arranged marriages. They respect this because family is very important to them.

Women have to behave well to keep their good reputation. This way it will be easier for her to find a good husband. That is why most women decide to be conservative. Another reason to do things the traditional way is to prevent shame for the family. A woman knows that her actions will embarrass her family if she dates several men of her own choice. This is why many women decide to keep it a secret when they are dating someone. It is all about protecting the reputation of themselves and their family.

They honor virginity in the Arabian culture and a lot of women want to keep their virginity until they are married. This way they want to reflect the honor of their family. Many men in women in these countries who are dating are having sexual activities but they avoid having intercourse.

When a woman is living in Western countries they can easily have dates. Some of them even date men who have other beliefs. At work and in school they can have interactions with more men. Sometimes Arab women do get married to people of other culture, but this is not common. Women have more freedom in Western societies but they still choose to keep their dates secret.

With the help of their friends and using the internet it is possible to meet new people. However the parents prefer to be involved in the relationships of their children. They go out of their way to organize events where they can invite potential partners to come and meet their children. It is important for them to monitor the situation.

Some people are surprised when a chaperone of friends or family is brought to a date. But for their culture this situation is very normal. The reason this is done is to protect the woman, because in their culture it is not normal to go on dates. When choosing a spouse, the parents are completely involved in the life of their children.

Arabic parents consider education very important for a potential mate of their daughter. If you have a degree it becomes easier to get a date with an Arabic woman. The reason why education is important for them is to secure the future of their daughter. So not only respect, reputation, virtue and family are important in their culture, but education is important as well.

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