Common Signals Of A Prescription Drug Abuse New Jersey Victim

By Eric Russell

Many people depend on the painkillers prescribed to them by their personal doctors for common illnesses like headaches, muscle cramps and infirmities causing lack of comfort. But sadly, people fail to understand that depending so much on this drugs for a long period might lead to one being physically dependent on the medicine. The medicine gives relief for the ailment so an individual will feel the urge to use it on slight pain to feel normal again. The worst part is frequent use of the medicine gets you into a freaky situation of chemical dependency. Here are some signals you should experience when you become a victim of prescription drug abuse New Jersey.

The immune systems get to adapt to the effects of the prescribed dosage. Prolonged use of these drugs may have unpleasant side effects to the body of the user. In this condition, the body system no longer reacts with the medicine faster.The immune system tends to oppose the medicine, and it becomes no longer active. It is in this case that this type of medication becomes no longer relieving to you.

Drastic changes in the personality of an individual.Continuous dependence on these drugs will eventually lead to a shift in the personality of a being. Different aspects of the person begin to change for instance the behavior, moods, energy levels and also the concentration levels of common symptoms due to drug dependency.

Social withdrawal.Sometimes individuals may not guess the reasons why all over sudden you become withdrawn from the day to day persons and family members.Most affected persons will find themselves isolating themselves from close friends, relatives and their immediate social circle.

Spending a lot of time and travelling long distances places just to get specific medications is also another sign. If you are the kind of person who can travel to far away cities and to specific doctors who give certain dose then you are clearly medicine dependence. That means you are looking for means of satiating specific yearnings rather than treatment for certain illnesses.

Changes in your appearances and habits may also be a symptom. The most common symptoms are changes in the sleeping and eating habits.Medicines for ailments like flu and the common cold have the most symptoms.These effects may include having red and sore eyes and reduction in personal hygiene.

Deserting duties, while under addiction, turns out to be a corporate circumstance of deteriorating in some occasions.Thus, they overlook and disregard the mutual household errands such as forfeiting the bills and responsibilities of mutual family tasks.

There are increase sensitivity levels like sounds and emotions may become irritating to the person. Then hallucinations creep in as the next stage and thus become hard for one to be in control of himself. Worse still one may start experiencing blackouts and having short memory lapses not being able to be in control of your emotions.

When one becomes oblivious to these problems, then he becomes defensive and develops hostility as they do not want their problems to be noticed by the general public. This may lead you taking offense in most things that are not quite annoying even small regular questions.

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