Sex Trafficking Definition And Facts

By Jan S. Travis

Sex trafficking is a serious global problem that's affecting nations like a plague. It is the criminal act of forcing someone into prostitution. Its victims are mostly women and young girls that it forces to engage in sex through intimidation and other illegal means. This illegal activity has become a lucrative international industry, and it has alarmed governments and human rights groups such as Justice61.

Sex trafficking can disguise itself as an act of benevolence. It lures potential victims by showing care and concern for their families or promises them with a job overseas. This illegal activity can even go as far as offering their victims accommodation and services only to demand repayment for those acts of "goodwill" afterwards, and this can only be repaid if the family agrees to give target victim in to prostitution. To help stop human trafficking, each one of us should be vigilant about its activities.

The child trafficking organizations in Colorado are the prime suspects in the alarming rate of young girls that are lured into prostitution and drugs. It is a multi-billion dollar industry no government has been able to stop. Even in economically advanced countries like the US, sex trafficking is a lucrative business. This is proven by a 2014 report from the Urban Institute which asserts that in Colorado alone, child trafficking is a 40 million dollar business.

The victims of human trafficking are living miserable lives. They need the help of conscientious individuals like us. In truth, they really want to be set free, but because they are living in fear and perpetual indebtedness, they seem too hopeless to come out in the open to ask for help. Many civic, religious and charitable organizations including the human trafficking charities Colorado locals have launched funding and informational campaigns for the benefit of sex trafficking victims. It is one thing that you can do even if you are not actively participating in their activities. Your help can make a lot of things happen and change lives.

Sex trafficking victimizes everyone regardless of sex, race or nationality, but teens and young girls are its most preferred prey. While this illegal activity is constantly looking around for targets, it's most common victims are runaway girls and homeless young people. Battered children, victims of sexual assault, and sufferers of social discrimination are also susceptible to the lies and promises of sex trafficking. This is a sad fact which the government can help to minimize by educating the youth. The Colorado volunteer for teens is also actively participating in various programs to help solve this problem.

The number of sex trafficking victims is increasing every day. But only a few of them are brave enough to call for help. It takes a proactive move from the government, human rights organizations and people like you to be able to discover those who had fallen prey to this inhuman business. In order to make this happen, funds are necessary. For this reason, the human rights groups that fight sex trafficking are soliciting funds. If you have a heart and compassion about the plight of sex trafficking victims, you can share a part of your extra resources to Donate Organization Colorado or any other organization with similar advocacies.

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