Can Your Prove That Jesus Existed?

By Judy Niles

If you're a movie-goer, you've probably watched movies that involved someone raising the dead. Maybe they're dressed up in a fancy outfit waving a staff and chanting a spell thereby raising the dead. But as you read about Jesus in the Bible, you'll come across a few passages that show Jesus and his ever-wonderful miracles one of which is raising the dead. But he's not raising them looking like zombies from a movie but he's raising back to life with their looks intact.

When Jesus raises the dead, it's not really the purpose of making them rise as zombies. He raises the dead because he has compassion for his brothers and sisters (this is a reference to the people of the world). He's done a few "raise the dead" events as depicted in the Bible. In one event, he puts someone named Lazarus back alive because he wanted to show the people that those who believe in him will rise with him. It took a few days but in the end, Lazarus was alive again. In another event, Jesus gave the life of a dead man who meant so much to a woman crying in front of his coffin.

The investigation led to many controversies that had the science fields clash with religion. No matter what the religions did, they could not stop the impending curiosity of the people to find out if Jesus is real. The investigation kept going on and the ongoing results were recorded thereafter. One of the findings of the world was Jesus' tomb. According to the Bible, Jesus' body was put in a cave after his crucifixion because he was slowly dying. So the investigators rummaged to try and find that particular tomb. Many results have come to this one but it's still not proven if there is such a body to exist. There were potential evidences such as skeletons and skulls but that still didn't prove anything.

He shunned everything that was not part of what his father wanted in the world. He always welcomed people who were willing to give God a chance in life. Jesus wasn't a fuzzy guy; he would only shun people who were really close-minded and insistent on defying God's rules. He would also welcome people, bad or sinful, to his life leaving many people to wonder why he's doing this. He says everyone in the world is his Father's children and therefore he's sharing his love to them.

Don't go thinking that raising the dead is Jesus' popularity thing. He's doing it not just to raise back the people who deserve to live, but also to show people he is who he says he is. He's not trying to boast about it, but he's trying to show he has compassion for the world. He wants to show his everlasting love for the people of his Father, God.

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