Dream Interpretation: Why Should It Matter?

By Mike Jacobs

Your dreams have significant weight and ability. When you look at yourself, you should easily see that changes occurred and people are willing to move forward and learn about the future. Dreams are often there to encourage us. Visions often work the same way. When an angel appeared to Mary in a vision, she was told that she would have a son that would be the savior of the world. Daniel was a dream interpreter in the Old Testament. He was most known for interpreting dreams for kings.

When a person dreams, they are escaping from this world into a universe that most people do not know about. In my personal opinion, we are vising other worlds when we dream. Our spirit is actually traveling from earth to another dimension. We often cannot reach these dimensions because it requires us to be in a quiet frame of mind without any other distraction around us. It's important to look at our life and see that change is possible when we see our lives changing and getting different. Tell others what is on your mind and inside of your heart. In this way, we can see that in life, big changes happen when we least expect. If you are like me, you are probably asking yourself what matters the most.

If you look at dream books, they will all tell you that every symbol in your dream has a significant meaning. Some psychics will tell you to keep a dream diary of your encounters. In this way, you can record what you saw and witnessed. It is always amazing to witness something supernatural happening in our lives.

Often, spirits come to us in dreams and want to make their presence known. It is always a blessing to see an angel appearing before us with some informative information. It is always a blessing to know that these entities around us truly matter. When we look at their energy, we see consistent patters of movement. We need to learn how to focus on what we see in our dreams.

Many people turn to psychics and the psychic hotline in order to find a meaning to their dream. Once you have gotten your interpretation, write the dream down. Allow your own creativity to flow and for you to see that interpretation is there and often easy to see because of several different reasons. It is always a blessing to see something in our own eyes. Without dreams, we may never understand ourselves completely.

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