A Guide To Tarot Card Reading

By Mary Nelson

For all those of you that would love to learn how read cards this is a guide that will take you thought the whole process. There are several methods that are used out there but you need to do some research and find that one method that will fit you just right without much struggle. It is important that you get in touch with your intuition when doing the Tarot Card Reading.

It important you know that there are two ways you can read cards. There are a number of people that usually memorize the meaning of each card on the deck. This takes a lot of effort. Then there is another group of deck readers that usually listen to their intuition. It is important you should use both of the methods for a much accurate reading.

When you begin the deck reading you need to make sure you are comfortable. Because when you are uncomfortable it becomes hard for you to relax and clear your mind. To clear your mind it is proven that you should take in deep breaths through your nose and let the breath out through your mouth. In the process you should be visualizing breathing out all that is on your mind.

The next thing to do is to clear the deck of cards. This is important since the tarot cards will have absorbed the energies from the last person who touched them or those of the person who had the last reading. To do this you should shuffle the deck several times. Then visualize breathing light to the cards, this helps you connect more strongly to the tarot cards.

Do not place the tarot cards on the table since the next thing you should do involves you holding the many cards in your hands. With the cards in your hands you should ask them a question or the question that you would like them to reveal the answer to. If you have no specific question to ask, just ask the the deck what they wish to reveal to you.

After this you are free to place the tarot cards on the table. While on a table one can now cut them. You do this by using your left hand and slicing the tarot cards into two. The top half should then be placed on left side. Take the top card of the deck on the right and overturn it. In that moment when you first see the card keep note of what you feel. The intuition is known to speak to you though your thoughts and your feelings.

You take the top card at the top of the pile in the right pile. Overturn it and place it on the table. You should be careful to take note of your feelings or your reaction when you see the card. Your feelings are very important since it is the channel your intuition uses to communicate to you.

When you over turn the card, you can say its name out loud. By doing this you will be opening new path ways through which you can get more answers. Note the way you will feel when you say its name.

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