Useful Information Regarding Ventura County Counseling

By Janet Sullivan

Conflict is something that happens on a daily basis in life. The level and nature of the conflict vary from one situation to another. In marriage, conflicts are also bound to occur, and when this happens, it is important to find ways to solve them. That is where marriage counseling comes in. This is a form of psychotherapy that is aimed at couples. The name couples therapy can also be used in place of marriage counseling. Here are facts regarding Ventura County counseling.

Marriage counselling is not intended for use by certain types of couples only. Instead, this should be used by every couple and individuals to improve relationships and solve conflicts. People gain different views of their relationships and begin to find proper means of handling their problems when they go for therapy. This is done so as to strengthen and rebuild relationships instead of creating hostility.

Not everybody is qualified to offer couples therapy. Licensed therapists called marriage and family therapists do this work in in the US. One needs to complete postgraduate or graduate education to be a therapist in this capacity. American association for family and marriage therapists is the body that does the regulation of the practice and sets standards in the country. The abbreviation AAMFT is often used. Being accredited by the AAMFT is something many therapists prefer and seek.

Therapy is a short term service not long term. When the therapist determines that the solution to the conflicts of the couples has been found successfully, the service is terminated. Divorce occurs between couples in some situations when the cause of the conflict cannot be settled. With divorce, couples may still be assisted by the therapist to separate without many problems between them and other parties such kids who may be affected in the process.

Most couples opt to look for marriage counselors together. This means the appointments are attended together and they work towards restoring their relationship together. However, this does not apply to all cases. There are cases where it is only one partner that decides to go for therapy. The particular issue and the condition of the couples determine the treatment plan that will be adopted.

Couple counseling is not a service that people only seek when they are having problem with each other. Some people decide to see a therapist just so that they can build a stronger relationship with each other. Therapy helps people to understand each other more deeply. This helps to minimize chances of disputes in future.

Some people also decide to see a therapist before getting married. Since therapists are usually trained in matters related to psychology, they can help individuals that are yet to get married to know each other better. They can help individuals to know how to respect and love the other person. In effect, once the two are married, chances of problems are reduced.

Therapists work together with other specialists like law enforcement officers. When one is facing the threat of physical harm from their spouse, they are advised to contact both law enforcement and a therapist. Anger, infidelity, substance abuse, communication problems, and sexual difficulties are just a few of the issues that therapists can offer help with.

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