A Bit About Jewish Interfaith Marriage

By Sandra West

The time finally arrives when a couple decide to spend the rest of life together. A Jewish Interfaith marriage is possible and many are wanting to have this type of wedding when one partner is of this religion. There is much to know and understand how to go about arranging a ceremony of this type.

If one is choosing to marry into this faith then there will be lots to learn especially should one want to impart this knowledge to kids yet to be born. Judaism is a vast subject which many take years to study. For Jews this is a lifelong goal but for someone who is new to the religion, it is best to start off learning what the broader subjects entail.

Only certain meats may be consumed so this narrows things down a bit when it comes to choice of dishes served. Animals that have chew the cud and have cloven hooves can be eaten and these include cattle, sheep and goats. One must also take into consideration that meat is not allowed to be eaten with milk products so it is best to keep these two products out of the picture.

A period of six hours must pass before one can eat milk after meat so with this in mind it is best to keep to choosing one dish only, either meat or milk. One can however eat milk with fish so many opt for this and include traditional desserts such as cheese cake and coffee to finish off the meal. Seafood is not allowed at all and this includes all shellfish such prawns, lobster, crab, shrimps and more.

It is best to keep the meal either strictly milk or meat. Milk meals are a good way to as one is permitted to eat fish with milk so many decide that this is better especially if one does not feel like a heavy meal. Fish that have scales and fins are generally permissible but not seafood such as crab, prawns, lobster and the like.

If one was inkling to a fish meal then there are certain facts that one has to be aware of as not all foodstuffs from the sea may be consumed. For instance, fish that have fins and scales may be eaten so the choice is wide here and will be dependent on what is readily available. Seafood is a definite no and this includes all seafood for example, prawns, lobster, calamari and others.

It is a fun time for all. Giving oneself enough time before the due date is advisable as there is much to prepare and see to. Food is not a problem as one discusses the many varying options with a caterer. These can be found online too.

All in all interfaith marriages are becoming more and more sort after as communities intermingle and of course the many dating sites available on the Internet. There is much to discover about a new faith especially if one is thinking of having children. The Internet is a wealth of information and should be used to its utmost.

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