Jewish Christian Interfaith Wedding Is A Beautiful Thing

By Carl Butler

Marriage is a great thing. It is good that someone should not stay single for the rest of his life. According to the Old Testament, which is believed by both Christians and Jews, the individual who finds a spouse finds a good thing. In the present day world, real happiness is in marriage. Jewish Christian interfaith wedding is a very beautiful thing. These two religions have a lot in common. They are the biggest religions of the world. A Jew and a Christian can have a lot of middle ground. They can easily agree on many things.

There are many important days in life. The day of birth is a vital one. It is the day that a person enters planet earth. It marks the beginning of new life. Graduation day is also auspicious in all respects. That is because it is when an individual officially becomes a university graduate. Wedding day is one of the most vital life occasions.

There is more than one religion on planet earth. The three major ones are Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. All these religions consider Jerusalem to be a holy city. Religion is good. Therefore, it should not be used in a bad way. Instead of people fighting members of other faiths, they should marry people of other religions. That is progress.

People no longer only marry individuals of their ethnic background. Actually, interracial marriages are very popular in different countries. Also, it is not a must for individuals to have the same faith so that they can get marriage. As a matter of fact, a Christian can marry a Jew and vice versa. This is already happening in many places including the US.

Actually, the marriage between a Christian believer and a Jew has a high probability of working out even from a religious standpoint. That is because these two religions share more similarities than differences. The major point of difference is of course the New Testament. However, in both these faiths, there is a very strong emphasis for family values.

The family institution plays an important role in society. If there could be no families, there could be no society and without societies there is no nation. As a matter of fact, human life revolves around societal institutions. To avoid the problem of broken societies, there is the need to have strong families in a country. Families are needed.

Marriage should not be based on race or religion. Instead, it should be based on fundamental values. The bedrock of marriage should be love. One should marry a person that he loves. Without love, a marriage will not last for long. There should also be shared interests and passions. Without these, a marriage will actually be a big pain.

An interfaith wedding is great. It is one of those things that make the world to become a better place. That is due to the fact that it creates harmony across religions. According to the top religious scholars of Ivy League institutions, people from different races, religions, and cultures need to live like brothers and sisters. One can easily find love online.

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