Checking Out The How To Fall In Love Book By Cecelia Ahern

By Douglas Hamilton

A lot of books about suicide and the harsh reality of life have spread throughout the book market these days as people do like to read something they can relate to. One of the most well known and well loved ones would be How to Fall In Love by Cecelia Ahern. To know more a bit about this wonderful novel, take a look at this how to fall in love book review.

In the story, the protagonists are Christine and Adam meet each other when Christine stops the attempted suicide of Adam. Basically, the whole story is about Christine trying to help Adam get through his suicidal tendencies and try to convince him that life is actually a good thing and not to be wasted. The catch is that she only has until the birthday of Adam before he tries again.

Along the way, Christine, who is the one who is originally supposed to save Adam, also gets strange feelings from the harshness of life. Two weeks after, Christine also starts to experience some weird things going on in her head. From there, both characters realize that they both need to save each other from their own strange thoughts.

Just to get a better idea of the characters, Christine is a self help book enthusiast who just came out from a divorce. She is the type who loves to help out people and try to encourage them to find the better in themselves. Although her failed marriage left her in a depressing situation, her project with Adam ends up as something to keep her occupied.

Adam is the heir to the Basil Chocolates which is something that he does not want. His father is on his deathbed and he recently lost his job. He also discovered that his long time girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend. This is where he meets Christine while attempting to kill himself.

While the plot of the story is a rather common one, Ahern is a master in writing about it in such as way that it is unique to read. In her novel, she combines some elements of humor and also some elements of seriousness in order to create a balance that would really appeal to the readers. Most importantly, the love story of the two characters is very touching and one can see the development of the two through their rather odd relationship.

The heavy themes in this novel include suicide, harshness of life, and all the other serious aspects are supposed to make the story a dramatic one. However, Ahern was still able to make the heaviness lighten up a little bit. This will create a very heartwarming story for people in the desired age bracket.

As one can see, this is probably one of the most interesting books ever written in this genre of novels. It is a touching tale of two people, one going through a failed marriage and one wanting to die, coming together and ultimately helping each other through life. It is definitely a tale that would make one feel a sense of humanity again.

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