How Intensive Marriage Therapy Can Help You To Improve Your Relationship

By Charles Johnson

You may be in the midst of a crisis in your marital relationship due issues like unfaithfulness, emotional abuse, major betrayal or sexual addiction among others. If this is the case, you can benefit from intensive marriage therapy. This type of counseling is different from traditional weekly sessions, which can feel too brief. An intensive marriage counseling program has a lot packed in a short time. It can involve 6 to 8 hours of therapy sessions in a day, which can be the equivalent of 4 to 8 traditional therapy sessions.

When a marriage is in a crisis and on the brink of a divorce, you and your spouse require intensive, immediate and concentrated care to address the issues you are facing. The therapy sessions can help you to understand how your relationship got to the current state. The counseling can help you to take steps towards healing your relationship.

Intensive marital counseling will also provide you with an opportunity to invest in your marriage together to improve it. The significant response that you will receive from your counselor and your input in that process will assist your marriage to get back on the right track. Professional couples counseling is well known for how it has helped many couples to attain intimacy fast.

During counseling, you will experience a safe and peaceful environment where you can share your concerns openly and move towards changing the negative things in your relationship. You may feel challenged, but this will be in a good way that causes you to evaluate your actions. You can also expect to anticipate having a relationship that also acts as a great friendship.

As you undergo therapy, you will also learn to pay attention to how your spouse feels about being married to you. You can then use the feedback to improve your relationship. You will also get an opportunity to see into the heart of your spouse more deeply and understand how to love him or her best. In addition, you will be able to resolve your conflicts and build a better relationship.

Intensive counseling for couples allows for a more conducive environment for you to understand what has happened. When you understand what created the negative cycle in your marriage or the role each partner played in the same, you can start lowering your barriers. You will also be able to express and feel the underlying pain of disconnection and long to be together.

After undergoing therapy, there will be improved understating and communication between the two of you. Marriages are made up of individuals, who bring their own personal history, needs, personality, desires and hopes to the relationship. Therefore, many couples do not agree on all issues. In order to come together and share your life with a spouse, there is a need for compromise, discussion and negotiation. Marriage therapy will allow you to meet this need.

Marriage counseling will also help to restore lost intimacy and rejuvenate your emotional connection. If you have been together for many years, you may have lost intimacy and often feel agitated towards your partner. A therapist can advise you about the things you can do to restore the sexual attraction, generosity and commitment you felt for each other when you began your relationship.

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