How A Christian And Jewish Wedding Rabbi Should Behave

By Paul Richardson

There are stages in life that people celebrate with a lot of color and pomp and they usually are planned in an organized way. A Christian and Jewish wedding rabbi is an expert that you will need to guide you through your marriage just in case planning to have one. That is the reason why this writing has come up with some traits you should look for in such a person.

He or she should have a good understanding of the law. This is because weddings are done based on the postulates of a given religion, and if the person presiding over it does not understand, then it might be difficult for them. Things become a bit dull when they know what they are doing.

There is a mode of dressing that you are expected to have especially during the event. You cannot just dress informally like any other person who has been invited. It should be presentable and in a formal way. At most times it also shows the people of how sanctified an individual.

The ability to pass information from one person to another cannot be underestimated. You need to do it such that everyone understands what you are saying. This is the only way that you get to have an impact on the persons listening to you. If that is impossible, then you might as well end up speaking to yourself where no one has an interest in listening to what you are saying.

Experience is vital. If you happen to the one presiding over a wedding, you must offer advice to the couple. This cannot be the case if you do not understand anything about marriages and hence no one will even be listening to you. You have to find a way that you are well informed about all the issues that affect marriages, and you can offer the best advice to both parties.

Do not pick on an individual who is annoying. Such a case might prompt your visitors to walk out even before time, and you will not be pleased about it. Pick on someone that you know has a great sense of humor so that they can keep the whole event active and entertained. Everyone will leave the place happy if they have been treated enough and are happy about the wedding.

Sometimes someone might tell lies for their good, but it is not wise. You are supposed to say things as they are even if they might not be pleasing to everyone. That is the way in which you shall build the confidence of your subjects. If you cheated and they realized in future might come back to haunt you, and that is not s situation that you would fancy.

The facts mentioned above are just some of the traits that a marriage teacher should be able to portray. If you cannot do it, then you will have a weak impact on the subjects that you will be interacting with and that will not be so good for you. For one to develop such traits, it takes time, and that is why such cannot be expected from an amateur or someone that just started their career in religion.

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