Ways Of Promoting Accommodations For ADHD Students

By Maria Roberts

These students need special care. They must get the necessary help for them to enjoy life and succeed. Accommodations for ADHD pupils is in three broad categories namely; instructional, assessment and environmental. All these have subgroups with several activities that contribute to the success of this entire program. Some of them are illustrated by the following paragraphs.

Promoting their social behavior is wise. They must learn how to relate with the rest of the children. Encouraging group work can offer a solution to this. Making them work and give results in teams will help them get used to associating with colleagues.

Being organized is a very important virtue. Students are supposed to keep their books and school materials well. They are also expected to do their homework properly and on time. Sometimes this becomes a major challenge. Kids with special conditions find it hard planning and organizing things. One way of ensuring that assignments are handled appropriately is by monitoring them as they do it. Reminding them constantly in case they forget. This is the responsibility of parents mostly.

Their behavior can get tamed. It only needs patients and the right guidance. Those that are rude and stubborn can be corrected and taught the right manners. This can get done by rewarding well-mannered kids and making them learn from this experience. It is important that they learn to be respectful and obedient.

Interruptions during study hours must be as minimal as possible. This is because these students easily loss concentration. There has to be little or no movement at all during lessons. If there are windows or open doors nearby, then the kids must sit far from them so that they do not shift their attention to activities outside class. Engaging in activities that are lively and engaging will help boost their concentration. A question and answer session can be very helpful when it comes to this.

As much as teachers are advised to give assignments. They must be very careful with the kind of tasks they assign them. The work left must be doable. Avoid challenging questions as they will only lower their self-esteem. Deadlines are not supposed to be tight. Enough time to work on the topics assigned has to get provided. This will enable them research adequately and come up with comprehensive feedback.

The sitting position in class matters a lot. They have to in a place that the teacher can easily see and monitor their actions. Seating at the front will allow them clear visibility and will also hear clearly. The kind of students that sit around them must be well behaved and hardworking.

In summary, every person in the society is supposed to try support these kids. This can get done by following the above discussed points. Providing the right learning environment and working towards the success of these students. The list above is not exhaustive and further directions can be obtained from relevant sources. The tips outlined are however very useful.

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