Online Golf Lesson Greenville South Carolina

By Joshua Perry

Never be late for a golf lesson appointment again! You can now upload your golf swing via the internet. Your online golf instructor will critique your swing and send you his/her analysis. You do not even have to drive to the location of your golfing instructor. This saves you time and money. But remember you need to practice the Golf Lesson Greenville South Carolina that you have just been taught.

Before becoming skeptical of the instructor, you need to look at you as a student. Everything you do and don't do during your lessons will make a difference. A golf pro can only teach you so much before it is up to you to take in what they have taught you and apply it to your game. For this reason, take a few tips into consideration so you can become a better golfer yourself.

When you take a golfing lesson online you will need to video tape yourself making several swings hitting golfing balls. The lesson is recorded so you will always have a reference to build on your improvement. You will need a video camera and a sturdy video tripod. A computer is required with access to the internet.

Drive to your local driving range. Try and select a hitting bay that is down the far end of the range so you will not get interrupted by other golfers training. Setup the camera on its tripod so it is positioned behind you down the line. It will be facing the target. Make sure that you get have the camera level with the horizon. Otherwise it will make it difficult for the golfing instructor to analyze your golfing swing. Do a test to make sure that you whole swing is in shot on the camera.

Change the camera position so it is facing you. Check again that your complete swing is in camera shot. Export the video from your camera to your PC. Adobe Premiere is a great program to use for home video production. Compress the video footage and upload to the golfing instructors website. A broadband internet connection is best as a dial up will be slow for uploading video files.

Practice, practice and practice the information your online golfing instructor sends you. Take some recordings of your own over a period of a few weeks and see if you are making progress. But do not get into a habit of taking your video with you every time you go to the driving range. Otherwise, you will become too mechanical with your golfing swing.

Using Online Golfing Lessons can really help your game. Most programs guarantee you will cut 5-7 strokes off your game or else your money back. Now that's a pretty big statement, but several success stories can be found where players have cut 10-12 strokes of the game in merely two or three weeks. Now don't expect to watch a few videos, read a book and be good to go, you will have to put your time in at the practice range, but in under a month, most golfers note playing significantly better.

Golfing lessons will also help you get rid of bad habits/stances and get the correct equipment and shots. Golfing coaches generally accompany the student during his/her shots. This helps immensely if you listen to them and follow their tips. When you are with a coach or a friend may be who plays good golfing, you have for yourself a set time when you can learn new shots, unlearn bad stances and concentrate on improving upon your game. Since this time is strictly away from your regular play time, you will have a relaxed mind to learn better.

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