How A Muslim Matchmaking Service Helps Young Women

By Kenneth Patterson

Anyone who has investigated any of the thousands of dating sites online knows just how sketchy they really are. Not only are most of the female profiles completely fake, but a vast multitude of the men who operate active profiles are either married or in what their woman thinks is a committed relationship. So, it stands to reason that some might wonder if there is any real benefit for Islamic women venturing into a Muslim matchmaking service.

Islamic law teaches that marriage is required for civilization to be strong and prosperous. With such a strong push toward marriage, young people on these sites are usually not looking for casual encounters. When one opens such a profile, unlike mainstream sites, they are expected to be very serious about seeking a mate.

Many who follow the Islamic faith are cut off from others who share their beliefs. Additionally, the world itself harbors distrust and fear, making it even more difficult for some to even be open with their peers about their religious perspectives. For these reasons, families have been actively involved in matching couples in Islam, and this makes simply meeting someone very weighty for both the man and woman.

It does seem that these websites have created an oasis in this online world. This is a method for people to communicate with other followers of Islam without it having to be known by their entire family. Not only that, but it allows Islamic women an opportunity to make real choices about who they spend their time with.

While families are still very distrustful of these sites, they cannot deny the success that is taking place when it comes to getting their children married. There are still dangers associated with meeting a person from an online source, and that risk is not going away. The Internet has made it possible for dangerous people to disguise themselves, and everyone must be on their guard.

With online video chatting programs, now often a part of these sites as well, it is possible to at least get a good look at the person. In casual conversation, viewing one another as if from across the room, two people can take some time getting to know each other. This can help to ensure greater safety before meeting a person for the first time, but it is not a guarantee.

For many young people in the West, it is just about the only way they can meet people likely to please their families. The same can be said of Jewish families, and there are also Jewish as well as Christian services available. These are usually a better plan than simply searching traditional sites to find individuals of their faith, since so many of the people on mainstream sites are not who they claim to be.

These websites are extremely helpful to the young women of this faith, for it grants them the ability to make real choices about what sort of man they spend their time, and ultimately their life with. Traditionally, the women of Islam are expected to follow whatever path their family sets for them, sometimes without even the freedom to say no to suitor. However, with modern tools, even a traditional girl can meet familial expectations while still seeking that man who will make her most happy.

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