Womens Spiritual Nature Retreats Midwest

By Raymond Walker

Time after time many ladies find themselves in very dire situations which really have no real solutions. Many of them like Nan who is from Chicago, IL like to participate in womens spiritual nature retreats midwest each and every time they become available.

This attractive blonde lady named Nan has everything going for her in every possible way. She was very shocked to discover her daughter in bed with an older man who had been married to someone in the past. It was also very disturbing for the girl's father to find out about this news since he thought that his child was still a baby. She was in her first year of college and now had to talk to a therapist with her parents.

The counseling classes which this family attended were not solving any of these problems and things seemed to get worse. There was nothing that Nan could do to hold her family together and she felt that she had been a failure of a mother and this was not good at all. It seemed as though young Heather had made up her mind to be with this fellow and she was even willing to take up time with the man's young child.

He wanted to go to this man's apartment and punch him in the face but luckily Nan was able to stop him from doing this action. She wanted peace within her family and this was never going to happen if such violent acts happened for no reason at all. Nan even talked to her friend Joyce about this situation and she had some great advice to give to her very dear friend. She also reminded Nan that her daughter was also an adult in the eyes of the law.

She knew that her girl was now a grown woman and there was nothing more that she could do about this particular situation. Luckily Joyce convinced her to take some time away from everything after telling her about a great retreat. It sounded like fun and Nan was very happy to receive news of this nature. Her bags would be ready to transport in no time at all.

It was the best bus ride of her life since she was able to drink sing and talk about the good old days before there was a Heather or Ralph. These two people were far away from her at this point in time and they would now have to work things out on their own as the bus moved towards Wisconsin at great speed.

She had met Sandy during the ride and she seemed to be a very spunky young lady who loved her life and parents but needed time away from them. Teaching at school had become quite a chore for her and her students would drive anyone crazy. Their room was nice and big.

The meal that this trio had was great and they even had the chance to dance with some of the other guests who were staying at this place. Joyce and Nan had to avoid some of the male guests who resided here and tried to stick with the group of ladies who were in attendance.

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