What Makes Thrift Stores In PA A Great Place To Shop

By Roger West

There are many thrift stores across the world full of goodies that have been donated and discarded by people and retail stores unless there is great sale, the prices can be outrageous at times! Some people would not even consider going into a thrift store because of the stigma that the items are old, torn, stained, broke, or just plain ugly. Some of that is true, but as the saying goes, the good definitely outweighs the bad. Before you venture out to your local Thrift Stores in PA, take these tips with you so that you can be equipped with.

Whenever you go to thrift stores you are bound to find a bargain. Whether you shop at main stream stores like Goodwill or your local community thrift store, the prices are typically much lower than in regular retail stores. With the $25 or more you spend on one shirt at the mall, you can purchase multiple shirts, or maybe even an outfit from the thrift store.

Take a picture of the chair and some measurements and they'll be able to help you find exactly what you need. Once in the fabric store, your options are virtually endless. By choosing a suitable fabric that you like for your chair - you'll have a brand new and personalized item for your home and you only paid a few dollars for it.

Since items from charity shops are donated from various households, they tend to carry a variety of designs and styles from different designers. Because of this, they are able to offer a unique inventory of items that regular shops may not offer. At charity shops, you can buy one of kind items and not worry about someone else having or wearing the same thing.

Purchase unique items... With uniqueness ask yourself "Would I buy this item if it was full price?" If yes, get it. If no, wheel around the store trying to convince yourself you will love it when you get home. Accessories are lovable, and some of the best unique finds are found in that category. From floral scarves to braided belts, button earrings to stunning brooches, and classic sandals to peep toe heels, unique accessories can turn the simplest t-shirt and skirt into an eye-catching ensemble. Be sure to inspect these items for any malfunctions as well.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on artwork from a pricy gallery, head to the charity store. Many of the artwork is already framed and you can often find some beautiful and unique pieces there. Artwork isn't about how much you paid for it - it's about the impact that it makes on your room. By heading to this unlikely artwork retailer, you can find the perfect accent piece for above your couch or mantle.

Even for-profit charity shops like Buffalo Exchange, like to give back to the community. Buffalo Exchange runs a campaign in which they give the 5 cents that would normally be used for a merchandise bag, to a charity of the customer's choice. In doing this they have raised nearly $550,000 to give towards local nonprofits. So whatever the mission may be, by choosing to shop at a charity store you are supporting a good cause and who doesn't want to be a part of that?

By taking these unique ideas into consideration, you may just be on the lookout for items that you never thought you'd be looking for before. Thrift store finds give you the opportunity to be creative and use some of the items in a whole new way. By putting your creative license to use - you'll be able to create some inexpensive pieces for your home that will make a big impact.

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