Methods Used For Children With ADHD In The Classroom

By Kathleen Hill

Teachers often become frustrated just as much as kids who are struggling with ADHD. However, there are techniques, strategies and methods for ADHD in the classroom. It is necessary to implement this so that children begin to improve over the course of the year. This will also help them socially. Their confidence will begin to improve as they prepare for their future.

Apart from these techniques, teachers also need to monitor the children and make sure that they are improving over the course of the year. There are certain children who will need more attention. This will depend on the severity of the disorder and their personality. They will also struggle in different ways. This is another part of the disorder.

Some kids will battle more with their attention span, while other kids will have a problem with their energy levels. Teachers need to be aware of each child and their requirements. Certain children will not be positioned away from the window, for example. This will prevent them from staring outside, losing concentration during class.

Class time needs to be shortened according to the needs of the child. This will depend on their attention span. The same goes for the length of the activities and assignments that they participate in. Over time, assignments can be lengthened, but this should also be monitored. Children need to be praised as they begin to focus for a longer period of time.

Teachers need to monitor their progress and take note of their improvements over the course of the years. They may adjust the length of the assignments according to how a child is progressing. If a child is not coping with the length of the task or they are getting bored, this will also need to be adjusted. Assignments can be split up into stages or phases, and should be made to be interesting.

Children with ADHD will need to have a lot of breaks from time to time. However, this needs to be planned effectively. They need to release a lot of energy. This can come in the form of physical activity. Classroom activity should be planned according to a routine which kids will often struggle with. They will often benefit from participating in physical activity in the morning. Activities should be shortened as well.

Social skills also need to be encouraged. This will come in the form of working in pairs as well as in groups. Children learn to tutor each other. They will learn from one another, but at the same time they will also learn to engage and interact with one another, which is obviously very important. It will build up their sense of focus as they begin to interact like this.

There may be longer tasks and assignments that the child has to complete. This can be built up over time gradually. However, these assignments can also be broken up. The lengthier tasks will often cause children to become bored. It is important to create tasks which will stimulate children. Teachers should be aware of how much children are able to cope with.

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