Listen To Christian Audio Sermons

By Betty Hall

People go to church one day a week, but with modern technology they can get instruction in the Word as often as they like. Christian audio sermons bring lessons preached by leading pastors, teachers, and evangelists to anyone anywhere. Ministries offer their recordings online or for purchase;; they may also give them away to supporters who donate to keep the ministry going.

Recorded sermons are wonderful resources for all who want to know more about the Bible or who need encouragement in their walk. The men and women who prepare the messages are often world-renowned for their faith. You will find ones you like, who preach what you need to hear. With recorded lessons, you will never have to miss one of your favorites speaking to the faithful.

Commuting to work can be a real drag. Some people spend an hour or more on the road twice a day. If they are listening to a recorded Bible study or a personal testimony, this time can be greatly rewarding. In fact, they can get as much learning as if they attended seminary. Some listen as they jog for personal fitness or while they are riding the bus.

Another valuable facet of this form of communication is that some teaching is either so relevant or so deep that you feel like hearing it more than once. With audio tapes or posts, you can go over the same material again and again. When you have really gotten the message, you can share it with friends or family members.

Preachers can make a great impact on their listeners and on society as a whole. Doctor James Dobson is a man who didn't follow his father and grandfather into church ministry. Instead, he became a psychologist and then began to speak and write about marriage, parenting, and family values. Millions have listened to this man on the radio and learned how to be better husbands and wives, fathers and mothers.

Pastors of a church would only be heard by their own congregations if it were not for recorded sermons. Charles Stanley, based in North Carolina, is a household name. Texas pastor Robert Jeffries, Californian Chip Ingram, and many others are heard by millions on radio and television. People follow bible teachers whose books they might never read.

Many people say that listening to recorded sermons has changed their lives. Scripture which may be incomprehensible can come alive when a skilled teacher explains it, maybe citing the precise meaning of a Greek or Hebrew word. Personal testimonies of how believers have overcome trials and tribulations can inform, instruct, and inspire.

Living righteously is easier when a person receives instruction and encouragement on a regular basis, not just on Sundays at church. Recorded audio resources are the most convenient and personalized way to deepen knowledge and faith. Most popular ministries offer single sermons or a series of lectures in their online stores or as a gift to those who make donations.

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