Durham NC Grandparent Custody Rights During Childs Death

By Barbara Powell

In our society the human interpersonal relationships are crucial factors for our happiness and sorrow. If we are lucky to maintain a good relationship among our beloved family members we have achieved the goal in our life. On the other hand if the family relationships are ruined it may be difficult for anybody to proceed with mental happiness and physical well-being. The following factors form the main causes Durham NC Grandparent custody.

Your child has died, but the other parent has not. Depending on the type of relationship you have, keep your involvement with your grandchildren as it was before. However, do realize it may change. Your daughter- or son-in-law in now alone and is grieving. During this time of your own grief, being with your grandchildren more often may be a comfort to you, and help to the partner left behind.

If the other parent dies, and your child remains. This is identical to the situation described above - only the roles are reversed. No matter what your feelings about the parent who has died your daughter- or son-in-law or his/her family, other people still need to be included in their life. Unless you have serious, sustainable doubts about someone's ability or intentions with your grandchildren, help them during this time of grief and allow them to hold on what they do have remaining in the life of the son or daughter they lost.

Predecessor's guardianship rights are not given automatically. When seeking trusteeship of children, predecessors need to satisfy the court that such an act is in the best interest of youngster. Reasonable evidences should be presented to the court showing that the denial of charge rights would harm youngster's health, welfare and education. A predecessors can seek guardianship of a child when, youngster is neglected, abused or abandoned by the parents.

These are some of the questions you can record when spending time with your grandchildren. When you talk to them, listen to what they have to say as well as how they say it. If they seem bothered by a certain topic or interested in inappropriate activities and conversations see if they will confide in you without you having to outright ask about any abusive occurrences in the home.

If you find there is a battle ensuing over custody - by either the other grandparents or family members for example like brothers or sisters who are the uncles/aunts of the children- hire an attorney as soon as you feel that your rights may be overlooked. Even if both parents awarded custody to someone other than you, you do still have the right for visitation. While it may be unfortunate that a court has to make this decision, you must think of what's best for them and for you.

To overcome the above hurdle, predecessors can seek temporary custody of their grandchildren. The predecessors who are going to raise youngster need to satisfy the court that they are physically and emotionally well fit for supporting youngster. During the tenure of temporary custody the court may order for financial support by the parent. The parents can end the temporary keeping on a petition filed to the court.

And there are some factors that a grandparent should keep in mind. Taking good care of them. No matter the challenge that befalls you, fight hard to ensure all goes well for the grandchildren.

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