You Can Take A Meaningful Vacation With Vietnam Mission Trips

By Deborah Smith

Not all young people are interested in spending their summers after graduation at the beach or at some elaborate theme park. Many of them are curious about the world and want to learn more about different cultures by doing something constructive and positive when they travel abroad. These young adults may not be certain what they want to do with the rest of their lives, but they are sure giving back to the global community will be part of it. For them volunteer Vietnam mission trips are a great way to start.

Volunteer vacationers get a chance to see the world in a very different way than those who travel to foreign countries as tourists. They have a chance to live and work in communities where the residents may have to walk for miles to reach clean water and live in huts with none of the modern conveniences most Americans never think about. Most plans start at around three hundred dollars for a one week stay. This price doesn't include airfare, travel insurance, spending money, or vaccinations. It does include training, accommodations, and support personnel.

People who are interested in teaching English are usually very welcome. For those who do not have teaching certificates, there are opportunities to work beside local educators. They may be asked to assist with vocational training classes or literacy and verbal exercises. Certified instructors often teach independently, working with children and adults in the community.

For those with a passion for the environment, there are packages that focus on jungle and coastal conservation programs and organic farming operations. Volunteers are expected to actively participate in the work being done which often includes getting hot and dirty. Volunteers work closely with community leaders and with international organizations dedicated to preserving the environment.

Wildlife conservation is another area where volunteers are almost always needed. You can learn conservation techniques and get valuable insight into endangered species. Volunteers also work to improve, preserve and protect fragile ecosystems. Abandoned animals are a big problem in this area of the world, and volunteers are often placed in areas where they spend time caring for abandoned domestic animals.

Individuals with artistic and musical skills can choose from a variety of vacation packages that give them a chance to share their love of the arts with native children. Volunteers often teach lessons during a part of the school day, and may also be called upon to give time to community centers as well.

Volunteers are needed to assist with elder and special needs care and education. In addition to teaching classes, individuals are enlisted to assist with physical therapy sessions and personal grooming. Families often have few resources when it comes to caring for family members with special needs. Some communities have social services centers where people, who can't care for themselves, gather during the day. Volunteers help man the centers and assist the clients.

These types of volunteer excursions are not for everyone. It takes individuals with empathy, vision, and compassion to help in underdeveloped regions of the world. For those who volunteer, the experience and the friendships made last a lifetime.

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