Make Your Employees More Comfortable With A Woodbury Window Cleaning Firm

By George Sanders

All of the glass you have installed into your commercial building gets dirty every day. It gets dirty from the wind blowing debris against it all of the time. It gets dirty from people pressing their hands and faces against it, both internally and, on the first floor, externally. This is especially true if you have a store with neat stuff to see in the windows. To get all of this crystal clear, again, you need to contact a Woodbury window cleaning company.

You will find many of these firms in Woodbury MN. Many of them will specialize in this task. Others will be separate departments in a larger custodial cleaning company. They have the equipment and trained technicians to make sure you get a clear image of all the beauty outside of your building.

There are more problems associated with dirty windows that are not cleaned regularly. The contamination that is deposited on the glass can get inside the sealant holding the glass in the frame. This material can begin to deteriorate the sealant around that glass. In the worst cases, the glass can begin to fall out of the frame.

When the crew you call arrive, they will have a fairly small kit of tools that are used to clean all windows. The list of tools are the same ones that all window jockeys use, literally all around the globe. The things they do with them will draw attention from many people who often stop what they are doing just to watch. The tools are a wet bar, several squeegees, a bucket and a couple of cloths to keep everything clean.

The glass on the first floor will often be cleaned with the technician standing on the ground. They can employ a pole to reach further than their arms will allow if needed. The rest of the floors will require specialized gear, such as lifting devices and other more esoteric equipment.

A scissor lift can be used for second and even third floors. They will usually need something else for higher floors. This may entail a boom truck which can reach as high as 65 or 70 feet. They have the certification for the operation of this gear. They also can handle the skyscraper buildings, one of which you may have.

For those tall buildings, they will have one or two main systems for reaching every window in the building. One of them is a gondola system. You may already have the anchors needed, installed in or on your roof. If not, they will have to install this first. This will allow one or two technicians to slowly drop down, safely standing on a platform, cleaning as they go.

The cleaning is accomplished in the same way for every window. They will use the wet bar to clean the glass. Then the squeegee, of the appropriate size, will be used to wipe the glass dry, revealing a clean, smudge free pane so your employees can day dream about what it is they want to do when they get off work.

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