Tips For Determining Genuine Gemstone Beaded Jewelry

By Dennis Bennett

Precious stones are part of what is mostly used in the beauty industry. They will raise the value of commodities made using them or in the context of the raw materials. It, therefore, means that the industry is a good place to venture. With this in mind, you have to be well prepared before entering into the industry. It does not matter whether you are buying for resale or personal use. Genuine gemstone beaded jewelry are priceless either way. Due to this, some people will fake other items so as to fetch more than normal. Below is some tips that will help you thrive in this industry.

Skills are vital when looking for such precious commodities. It will help in ensuring you do not get the wrong product. Consider looking for referrals from those who has been in similar situation. Also, ensure that the referral is from someone you can trust. All this will help in reducing the chances of misleading information or cheating.

In addition to the skills that one has, the experience is also essential. It makes one know all the tricks used in making other items look like the gemstone. The experience is a factor of the time that one has been doing such tasks. Asking for the period, one has been in the industry is thus helpful. It is a real trick to select who to work with thus reducing the chances of mistakes.

Since there are different types, some are human-made, and others are available in their natural ways. A good specialist ought to know this as well as the different colors that exist. With this, they will tell the difference between a fake stone jewelry and an authentic one. Broad knowledge of different types of gemstones is therefore required.

The testing process will involve a series of stages. You need to know how they are supposed to occur chronologically. At the initial stage, ensure there is checking on the color, transparency, and gravity. Rank whether the stone is weak, moderate or strong with the aid of fire or the most appropriate and available method. Also, confirm the color components and the level of transparency.

The second part takes on checking of the optical features and cluster of the stone. The stone will have different behavior under different lighting. Some will appear like a star, there may be will show the color change, and other features like floating shimmer and sparkle may exist. The luster will make it appear silky, greasy, waxy, metallic or even dull.

Some degree turns of the gemstone are also important. It constitutes the birefringence testing. In this third stage, there is also the confirmation of the refractive index. Gemstones have a known refractive index even though those from different mines may differ slightly. There are different ways of checking on this and all of them should lead to the same results.

Precious commodities usually attract many parties. However, only a few of them will enter into it. The reason behind this is only a limited number will have the relevant knowledge. It also involves the exchange of large amounts of money and therefore risky. With the information above will help in answering some of the questions that you have about gemstones.

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