Table Of Plenty And How To Do Volunteer Work

By Donald Perry

There are many organizations that are trying to help the community in any way they can. These usually comes in the form of voluntary work where they serve dinner, build housing and other things that can assist those in need. These groups are able to do this with the help of others who donate their money and time to their vision.

Free dinners are the usual form that these voluntary works take for those which are experiencing hardships in their community. Table of Plenty HMB is an organization which serves free dinner every week on Thursday nights. They serve people who are experiencing financial struggles, job loss, are homeless, elderly and all those that need it in Half Moon Bay, CA and surrounding areas.

Food preparation is done by the volunteers with donations coming from others in the form of ingredients or finances. Ingredients that they use in cooking sometimes came from homegrown plants in gardens of people from the community. The meat sometimes even came from animals raised by them and other organizations lending their assistance.

The volunteers serving are all wearing a uniform with a smile in serving those who are eating inside the dinner hall. Tables have linen covering them and decorated with flowers at the center with beautiful background music playing. The ambiance is that of a high class restaurant which most of those present are not able to experience in their life.

You could become a volunteer and be part of this just by approaching the ones in charge with organizing this and mentioning your intentions to them. Individuals in all ages are accepted to help there with children gaining the most from this experience. They, along with the adults would have the awareness about those unfortunate members in their community and their needs.

You can also organize this free community dinners in your area if you want to help the people around you. The first thing you need to do is to gather people with the same intention as you are and make an initial group that would start this. You could also approach the local church for help as they are likely willing to assist you in this mission.

Look for a place large enough where the meals can be served and a lot of people can come in to eat them. Local churches are also another great option if they have a big area that can accommodate your need. If they do not have one, you can try approaching the local public school if their gyms can be used for these purposes.

After you have found a place for your mission then it is now time to decide what meals are to be served. Foods that can be cooked easily in large batches are a good choice where many servings can be served simultaneously. It is important to have healthy food as well and some options for others.

Assigned each volunteers their main responsibility like cooking or serving. They could help each other though when it is needed. Set the date of the dinner and invite everyone to come in and eat in there.

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