How To Be Part Of The Faith Christian Church

By George Cooper

A lot of sinners prayed to God, asking for their salvation. They want to have a comfortable life. They want to sustain their needs. They like to achieve their dreams. Truly, having that kind of goals and ambitions in life are quite attractive. In fact, the Lord Almighty can always give it to you. However, do not get the wrong impression.

Just a piece of advice, though, never blame the Lord for your misfortune. If you are thinking that way, you might be thinking God as your servant. Truly, you need to understand and analyze your relationship within. Know what the Lord truly means to your heart. To assist yourself furthermore, you might love to visit a few of His congregations. You may like to visit the faith Christian church Wichita KS for assistance. Do not pretend like you know everything.

Together with other followers, examine how much you love Him. God is faultless. It is not Him who destroy the world. It is the sin that people committed. Sins are very contagious. If you are tainted with sins and treat others brutally, assure that those people will also display the same attitude to other people too.

You only have a short life here on earth. Therefore, do everything you can to attain a passport to heaven. That is right. You need to attain a legitimate passport. That passport is Christ. He is the only way to the paradise. A lot of you might claim that they love Him. However, truly, only a few of you only understand what it truly means.

Love is not all about praying to God. You cannot just pray to Him and blame Him all the negative things that happen to your life. That is not loving. You are only expressing your selfish desire to obtain a comfortable life. You see, everyone Here in this world wants to live a comfortable life. The Lord can give you that.

He could fulfill your wishes. However, if you would not work for it, chances are, you will only lose those gifts in the future. That also applies to His love. Almost every day, you hurt His feeling by cursing your neighbors. You make some negative remarks too about your enemies.

If you think that loving Lord is all about that, your emotions and your feelings are too shallow. As for now, the most effective way of loving Him is by staying away from sins. Truly, in the world today, getting such kind of response might be quite impossible. You see, it is already starting. Almost all people think that committing a sin is normal.

He has a plan for you. That is why just trust Him with all of your heart. Do not ever leave Him. The Lord you see, He has an emotion too. He knows that you are lying. He even knows that you are telling a truth. Therefore, make sure to stop hurting Him. Regardless how much you reject Him, the Lord never reject you.

They abuse their employees. They abuse the environment. If you really want to live with a purpose, you should share your blessings to others. Follow His footsteps. There is no way that you can repay God with His kindness. That is why try to pass it to those less fortunate individuals.

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