Discovering More About Child Therapy Santa Rosa CA

By Carolyn Ross

Many people don't realize that children don't struggle emotionally and mentally just as much as adults do. Depression and anxiety has become more and more prevalent among younger kids as well as adolescents and teenagers. Child therapy Santa Rosa CA may be something that kids can benefit from when they are suffering in this way.

Sometimes this is temporary. However, a child will still need to talk to someone, otherwise they could grow up with memories and possible disorders which are difficult to cope with. This can relate to a divorce that parents are going through. It can be a death in the family. A parent may have a drinking problem which can affect children.

Parents think that they are able to hide certain issues from their kids. However, children are able to notice the tension in the home. They notice that there is a change and there is a stressful situation. Parents may not be talking to one another. A parent may be in a bad mood or depressed. Children may think that this is their fault.

Sometimes there is a breakdown in communication. Parents may be struggling in their marriage. Children notice the tension between them. This will bring on other feelings which are difficult to deal with. Role play can help them to deal with this in a more practical way. Sibling rivalry is also another factor that comes in the therapy room from time to time.

Parents often take the wrong approach. They may not be disciplining them. It can lead to rebellious behavior. Sometimes, one of the parents will not be available. They may be working a lot of the time. Parents can be impatient. Parents may also disagree in the way in which they are raising their kids. This is something that they need to talk about.

Sometimes kids will open up, thinking that it is confidential. However, this is not always the case. A therapist will have the child's best interests at heart. They are allowed to follow this up, depending on the age of the child. Should they feel that they are not safe in the home, they are allowed to contact social services.

It is important that teachers are also fully qualified to realize when there is a problem. These days, they will pick up on certain signs. Youngsters may confide in a teacher, and they will go through certain channels making sure that they get the help that they need. School psychologists are often able to play a role and refer the child somewhere else.

A lot of therapists in Santa Rosa CA will refer a child to a creative therapist. This is another way in which a child is able to expressive him or herself without actually talking. The creative therapist is able to analyze their projects by looking at the colors that they are using, the style of their work and the lines they use. This is something that play therapists make use of as one of their techniques as well.

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