Top Aspects That Your Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Cobb County GA Will Provide

By Jose Davis

It might be that for some time now, your better half and you have been going through some issues. After trying to patch things up and failing, you have come to the decision that it is for the best that interest of everyone that you get a divorce. Here are some of the major aspects that your uncontested divorce lawyer Cobb County GA will tell you about.

First of all, you will save a lot of time. The time you spend in and outside court might be very much in a separation proceeding. In the beginning, the spouses will be presented a case schedule to adhere to. This case schedule will set the trial as early as a year into future days. There is an entire range of litigation procedures that follow in the following months, such as, the depositions and discovery, status conference, temporary orders and also the trial.

You will save money. The amount of time you spend will reflect the amount of money you will spend. Money is spent on every pre-trial motion filed and on every discovery request. The couple is expected to pay for not only a guardian for their children but the mediation as well. The most demanding of these expenses is that of the attorneys themselves. The couple will spend in the thousands.

It will minimize conflict. The animosity between the couple will rise as the separation drags on and the costs keep on being accrued. The fact that each of the couples has to undergo a separation dawns on them and consequently become angry at one another. This will be most evident if the attorneys are hired because the attorney will put the couple in a position where they feel bullied, and the couple will be on the receiving end of this anger.

It lessens the burden on the childrens side. The fate of the children is what matters most in any divorce case. The verdict of the judge will include who will be in custody of the children. This means that the faster the verdict comes out, the better it is for the children. They will help advocate for the interest of the children to the judge for the verdict to be in favor of what is best for the kids.

It ensures that you keep private issues private. In the contested separation proceedings, issues that the couple intended to keep private eventually come out in public. Before the date of the trial, the lawyers are allowed to indulge in varied discovery procedures like deposing witnesses, writing interrogatories ad getting the necessary documentation. In the end, the matters that the couple had wished to keep private will become public information to the family members, judge, and lawyers.

It helps you avoid trial. Failure to settle the case in mediation will force the case to proceed to trial. A separation trial requires much work and is tiresome not to mention expensive. For this reason, a separation trial is something that one needs to keep away from. A separation trial lasts about 48 hours in which the involved parties sit in court for hours listening to testimonies.

It is always advisable to talk to an attorney before commencing the uncontested separation. In case you have a probable divorce make sure that you get professionals in the field. They will ensure that all your issues are handled professionally.

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