Care For Those In Need

By Brian Wright

Volunteering for those in need is a very noble thing to do especially if it is done for selfless reasons. Volunteering has gained a lot of fame in the recent past where so many people leave their jobs to go volunteer in developing countries especially. However, not all the needy countries accept volunteers because some volunteers exploit them. They put a lot of measures and prerequisites in order to accept these volunteers.

People volunteer for many reasons though. Some of the reasons and benefits includesTo some people, it might be in one nature that they feel compelled to give back to the society. They feel a very urgent need to help some one or even spend their money and time helping someone not expecting any form of payment back. Some might see this as a weakness that one is prone to be taken advantage of in terms of people asking for help even when they do not need the help.

Some religious people might see this as a calling. Some churches even have departments for helping the needy in the society. Most religions believe that the blessings dwell in the meek in heart and there is a lot of blessings and unfavorable and merited favor in volunteering for those in need.

Some people believe that that is a calling from a higher power. They believe that their ultimate goal in life is just to give and help the needy in the society.

Christians believe that helping the poor is also a way of following Jesus teaching and also actions. Jesus was big in helping the poor, healing the sick, healing the blind and also accommodating to those that society had neglected. They also believe that Gods blessings are in the needy people and when a needy person is happy then God releases the blessings to the helperHindus also have the system where they try as mush as possible to do away with the class system. The class system in the past has been that people are grouped according to their economic status. One form a higher class can not mix with one form a lower class which they referred to as the caste system. Nowadays, the Hindus help the needy so much that they build community centers to feed the hungry, schools for the orphans etc.

Some also volunteer because they feel that they will gain something more than material gain. This is called self actualization where one does feel a sense of satisfaction not necessarily form material gain but from doing a job that is higher than oneself. Maslows hierarchy of needs places this as the highest form of need. This is only attained when one has satisfied basic needs. Social needs and other needs first.

Some clubs also make it mandatory for members to engage in a form of volunteer work. This might be seen a s a way of doing corporate social responsibility.

Some people also volunteer because it is a prerequisite of joining either a club, an organization of even to get a college degree. Not all people volunteer voluntarily because they might volunteer to help the needy because they need to get a certain admission. Most of this people get to like the system of helping the needy and hence might even start volunteering in the end, which is a good trait to acquire

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