Significance Of The R Word Pledge

By Dorothy Meyer

Campaigns are essential in ensuring the rights of a particular group are heard. Many people have opted them in states due to their efficacy. By the creation of a pledge, people can commit themselves to mobilize the general public. The R word pledge is among the most influential pledges that people have decided to stand with. It was started with the aim of eradicating the use the word retarded to refer to people with disabilities. The campaign is national wide, and people are not allowed to use such words in public or private addresses because it shows the lack of respect. The information below is on benefits that the pledge is generating.

It promotes inclusiveness. Members of every society needs inclusion in day to day activities. With the avoidance of that phrase, they feel included in the community. It has been seen in many aspects where every human being is included. In education and also sports. It promotes togetherness in the country because people live with cohesiveness.

Eradication of ignorance has been noted. Failure to use the phrase makes the disabled comfortable. Ignorance is not okay because it lowers their esteem. In case society ignore them they feel demoted. The reality is that they are scholars who play a major role in the societies. Ignorance is not good when passed to them and must be avoided.

It enhances satisfaction among the members. It will hurt every person that is referred to as retarded. This is not okay. It is unethical. There are very many prominent intellectuals who happen to be disabled. Usage of such phrase is not allowed because they are competent that most other society members. Respect out to be prioritized.

With the campaign where people have been notified more about the R word hatred has been eliminated. People may try to hate their neighbors for the disability. This is not allowed. They should avoid using the term many times especially in various speeches that they give to the general public. This promotes peace and comfort ability.

It eliminates loneliness among the victims. When such term is used, it causes isolation. They gain a feeling that makes them stay away from others. Everyone should ensure that they do not use the term in any gathering that they address. It will make all the members comfortable. Loneliness is not recommended because it may lead to stress. Also, some other medical conditions are likely to develop from loneliness.

Discrimination gets to be avoided. With everybody involvement in the campaigns, people get to feel together. Society made up of individuals who are together is conducive to reside. The disabled can get a feeling togetherness. When discriminated they feel separated from others. Togetherness gives unity.

The use of word retarded should be avoided in the society. This is hate speech and incorrect. Every member of a society should try and mobilize the community on the importance of all campaigns. It is by peaceful coexistence in the society that everyone dream are achieved. People ought to learn that all human being are equal and they should coexist.

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