Be Inspired To Promote The R Word Pledge

By Debra Snyder

Everyone is special. They have their own unique attributes and wonderful characteristics. Truly, from time to time, you will meet various personalities who suffer a rare mental and genetic issues. However, it is not your placed to ridicule them. They have their own beauty and unique talents. Unfortunately, though, there is no exclusive system or cure yet in regards to their issue.

Just like them, you are bound to commit faults and suffer from its consequences. While it is still early, make sure to be mindful enough to your values. You need to fix it before it becomes a hobby. If you really like to change, you may begin by performing the R word pledge. You should erase the word retarded from your vocabulary.

Even if you despise those people or even if you hate him, you cannot just utter this word. This word is offensive. This is discriminatory. Try to consider putting yourself in their shoes. If they can only choose, they would never play that kind of role. If they just live like normal, maybe, just maybe, they are chasing their dreams right now.

These people are just like you. They are human. It just happened that their genetic codes are way different than normal. Unless a cure has been found, they would remain like this for the rest of their life. In some cases, their life span might even shorter than yours. If you think that is easy for them and for their parents, try to think once again.

If you think laughing to the burden of others are quite fun, that only emphasized your lack of humanity. No matter what the situation might be, you must never let it happen. Understand the surrounding. Understand the emotion of those parents who love these people. If you cannot even phantom such feelings, they are luckier than you.

Start from the basic. The real world might be full of complications and conflict. However, having that kind of attitude would never get you nowhere. Instead of friends and allies, you would only build enemies and haters. Do not be like that. It is one of the most important things that matter. Never live a sad life.

The term retarded had been used not only for special kids but also for less competitive individuals. People who speak and curse this way are less fortunate than they are. They cannot even understand even a little thing. Put a stop on it. Make sure to change. Change might be the hardest thing to do.

You need to show your sincerity and love by knowing them better. You must never judge them based on the way they talk or think. They are more to them than you could have imagined. There are lots of things than they can do. Open your mind. Accept them with your heart. Truly, they are less unfortunate.

Even so, they have someone who loved them. No matter what others might say, that feeling might be the greatest gift of all. Therefore, you should never hurt those people who loved them. Your words would not only hurt their pride. It only affects their guardians and their friends. Do not let experienced teach you what it all means.

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