Understanding The Universe In Linda Goodman Astrology

By Debra Hamilton

The birth of one of the most popular American astrological systems was on April 9, 1925 in Morgantown, Kentucky. This coincides with the date and place of birth for Mary Alice Kemery, who later became a famous poet and astrologer. Her book on Sun Signs, published in 1968, became the first astrology book to ever place in the New York Times Bestseller List.

The romance with fortune telling and other means of divination is as old as humanity. Predicting the future or fate with the help stars is called astrology. This continues to be quite popular with many, you need only look inside the papers for horoscopes, the most popular of which are based on Mary Alice Kemery aka Linda Goodman astrology. It is a system that has a widespread audience in America, with many websites, groups and organizations, publications and even schools dedicated to it.

Life is often an unsecured set of circumstances for people. They can turn to religion, with its set of stringent laws, lifestyles and beliefs. But for more common or everyday purposes, even the most pious believers will often go to horoscopes. These are more democratic, freely given to people from all walks of life.

Ask those who rely on Sun Signs and they will give testimony that they work. From the initial work of Goodman, they are connections to the inner working of universal systems like galaxies. What is supposed to be time as humans know does not relate to the signs, could be in fact untrue in the deeper aspects of cosmic communication.

In her lifetime, Lady Linda, as one friend christened her, was always in constant search for universal connections. She found it in the details of her life in conjunction with that of other people. It can be said that she led a star struck life, one that opened up to many people through an easily understood, detailed system of universal star signs that rule over human fate.

Fame and fortune therefore seemed to walk with her in her journey towards a more refined understanding of the stars. And it was something that people, especially intellectuals, were very attracted to. Of course, she was a poet as well, and it was her poetic vision that provided the basis of her remaking old religious and astrological symbols into a potent and charmed brew for modern people.

For people who discredit astrology, the Linda Goodman star charts stand as the most effective evidence of its strength. No one can deny peeking into their future every now and then on Sun Signs. No one can simply label those who believe in them as a fringe, because it is quite a big fringe full of relevant and respected people.

The niche of Linda Goodman astrology is now popular worldwide, which is quite a feat for beliefs that were said to have gone out during the Dark Ages. The lady has established the supernatural world so that the question is not about being against or for it. The universal connection is everything for ordinary humans to aspire for.

Because there are beings out there we can tune to. Not even the most brilliant physicist can deny the existence of a universal intellectual order. And people are only beginning to understand it through the teachings of a very wise woman.

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