Tips And Tricks For Horse Race Handicapping In A Paddock Room

By Paul Cox

Horses are such elegant creatures. Whether you lean on to hobbies like horse back riding or watching horse races, there is just a certain elegance and thrill watching them run freely. The sport has been around for so long. This is why there is a need to keep these creatures safes and well taken care of.

These animals are usually kept in a stall or a fenced area. The paddock room has a lot of attached meaning to it. Back in world war two this used to be the code name for war room in London where Winston Churchill met with his officials, at least twice the whole duration of WW2. In the case of this article, it is a place where horseplayers would put their wagers on the winning bid.

The art of handicapping a race is not as simple as throwing darts on a picture of horses and numbers. Although, that is one way placing an unintelligent bet. The fun part of these races is how people look at the patterns and factors that can get an entry to win. To people who wager in these sporting events, they have studied it enough to develop their own way of analyzing a bet.

The Daily Racing Form, or DRF, is a printed document released day and night that show the statistics and results of a race. This is used by many horseplayers as important reference in analyzing their wagers. Many things come into play when deciding which entries to bet on.

This type of gambling, while it is legal there are still some types of bets that are not allowed in some states. Bet types range from the number of entries you bet on and the winnings depend if they place first, second or third. They can range from good bets to lottery like betting.

In the world of equestrian race, the goal is to limit the effort of handicapping and then restricting yourself to bet between a lesser number of entries. This increases your chances of winning. Most of the high stakes players do not bother with maiden entries or horses that have only started the sport.

Breeding and genetics is also something to look out for. For those that actually invest in the care for these creatures it can be a matter of luck. The horses are expensive and can cost at least 5 digit values at the youngest age that they get them. Factors to consider include what the playing surface is made of, how many wins a particular jockey has had in a year and so on.

Players consider so many things which also include who trains the horses and who rides them. Winning percentages come into play for both people too and not just the horse. Some may even have a tally board for all the factors that they might find necessary to find the right bet. If you have this chart of things that determine the horse that is most likely to win, based on carefully calculated factors, then pick the horse with the most check marks.

There is a certain allure to gambling that cannot be found in any other activity. While most might think it is in the winning that the excitement comes from, it actually is in the possibility of and the illusion that you just might win from analyzing you bets through handicapping. Maybe the whole process is an allusion to how people can be obsessed with trying to control situations that will definitely have random outcomes.

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