Benefits Of Hotel Room Blocks

By Stephen Allen

There are many advantage to reserving multiple rooms at a hotel. Hotel room blocks not only save a great deal of time, but often a lot of money as well. It also saves a lot of headache! Getting a block is a great way to manage incoming guests for any major occasion or special event that needs to be planned in advance.

Wedding room blocks are super helpful, especially when you know there will be relatives coming in from other regions and even from abroad. They won't be familiar with the area and it will be very reassuring to know they have somewhere that is comfortable and secure to stay, that keeps them close together and close to the event as well. It also makes it easier for you to arrange transportation to and from one location.

It's great to have family members all located in the same place for an important event like a wedding, especially if they normally aren't all together in one spot. Being at the same hotel means they can catch up with each other. This could be the perfect time for a family reunion in conjunction with the wedding!

You can get some great discounts by opting to block off several rooms. Hotels, much like airlines, have some great deals for group bookings. You could get all sorts of things included in a package such as meals, or other hotel perks. You could also land some really great rooms for excellent reduced prices.

This is a wonderful option for out-of-town conferences, especially where the company may be paying for its employees to attend. This is also a good idea for other group trips such as school or club trips abroad. People who attend festivals such as Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago can take full advantage of this type of deal on an annual basis. Sometimes, this can be booked up to a year in advance!

Most room blocks tend to be about 9 rooms and up. It is important to know what type of room block you need based on the needs of those who will be staying there. A website like Skipper is very good at eliminating a lot of the guesswork and making the process easier for couples planning their wedding and the arrival of their guests.

Courtesy room blocks are best advised for wedding parties. This is because any rooms that aren't booked by a certain date won't incur an extra fee. However, a guaranteed block, which is a lot less flexible, usually requires a deposit of some sort in order to secure the block.

You should always be sure of your booking agreement before signing anything. Know if the hotel is going to release unfilled rooms by a certain date, like thirty days before the guests arrive. Also know if you will have to pay a penalty for any unused rooms, or if your plan is more flexible. Be sure to find out the possibility of the hotel having more rooms available if you need them, should the room block be entirely filled in advance. Most hotels will be more than happy to accommodate any of your remaining guests in this event.

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