Increasing The Positive Impact Of Letter Writing For Uganda Child Sponsorship

By George Smith

Compassion is a universal need and everyone can benefit from any form of support that is offered by the various channels that society has instituted. People from all walks of life have had problems, carry present day insecurities and need the gifts of love and affection. Inevitably, you would need to write letters to your beneficiaries to maintain consistent contact with them. Here are some tips for enhancing your correspondence.

First, you have to write encouragement and words of affection. Validation is something that everyone has to lean on. It becomes even more imperative if your Uganda Child Sponsorship beneficiary has been rescued from very dire and stressful circumstances. The knowledge that someone cares for them could offset any feelings of unworthiness and rejection that may have arisen from their original environment.

Share them your favorite verse from the New Testament. Alternatively, you could use words from the Bhagavad Gita or Tao Te Ching, but in the event that they are now under custody of Christian elders, copying a really encouraging snippet from sacred scriptures can boost any insecurities they might have. The belief in a higher power is often a source of empowerment and a foundation for being able to live life to the fullest.

Pose some questions when you write. Display an interest and ask them how their current situation is going. By asking them things, they are led towards opening up about any concerns or new discoveries they have picked up along the way and this helps you gain insight on how to better serve them as you partner with your charity. You could inquire about their brothers and sisters or check on how they fare with their favorite sport.

Never expect your initial interactions to be that of a pen pal relationship. Remember that you give them your correspondence to help them develop their literacy skills. At times, it could take them time to fully comprehend and read your message. In time, however your literary presence would motivate them to expand their skills and might even plant the seed for being passionate about books.

Even if the kids do not mention it, your message are largely valued and treasured by them. There have been testimonies of sponsored children on how their supporter was the cause of their spiritual foundation and eventual recovery from trauma. Because of you, they develop self worth and gain their full potential.

Refrain from using jargon or colloquialisms. Always keep their culture and current language capacities in mind. Make sure to proof read and scrutinize your own message and see if all your scribblings would make sense to the youngster. You need not worry about their comprehension if they are accompanied by reliable teachers and guardians. In time, their vocabularies will increase.

Carefully consider any specific topics you would like to learn from more. Ask the youngster of any challenges she may have while studying. Get ready to offer help around these areas and to inform the facilitators about any issues that are discussed as you pose the queries.

Introduce your family to them. This leaves you open and a bit vulnerable like everyone else. If they know that you have very close social ties with those around them, the more they would open up to you and be forthcoming every time you send messages. Remember to always be sincere and to try and see the world through their eyes.

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