How To Enlist The Right Event Valet Parking Company

By Kathleen Hamilton

If you organize special events, you undoubtedly want all your guests to feel special and come away with a feeling of satisfaction. These days, people value convenience. If the occasion is extra special, then ladies might opt for dress up in high heels. Having to walk large distances is an ordeal you do not want to subject visitors to.

With that in mind, there are specific services you may hire to facilitate a smooth and joyous affair. Looking for event valet parking West Bloomfield begins with making a list of your urgent requirements. Not all companies are created equal. Going for an disreputable firm could jeopardize the entire night. Properly screening these operators is essential to avoid all hindrances possible.

The first thing you should do is get referrals. Confide in your partners with whom you had successful collaborations before. Speak to your caterers and planners and ask them about which operators are at the top of their lists. They may have had contact with these individuals and thus provide you with the right recommendation.

Request an on site trial visit. Good service providers allow free consulting before the celebration if they are not familiar with the location. This is where you would give them proper appraisal and evaluate their staff. Make sure they are ethical, courteous and able to speak politely. People who charge you for on site visitations should be avoided. Tallying quotations inside the venue is standard because along with that go their proposed action plans.

After your primary negotiations, tell them to draft a written estimate. On paper, it should be spelled out what their call times are, number of drivers and overall cost. Some firms charge at a per hour basis and bill clients flat rates for shorter celebrations. Find out about any hidden costs. Ensure that only the hours worked are billable. Clarify everything by asking for an invoice so that

Check for insurance. A fully equipped organization has adequate coverage. This protects you from being liable if any of their operators are injured during the proceedings. One million dollars has been the long accepted minimum for liability insurance, these days that amount is essentially inadequate. Most organizations demand higher to protect themselves. A reliable service provider will have a policy that does at least double the minimum standard by providing some two million as coverage.

Go for quality. Beware of low cost vendors. The saying you get what you pay for certainly applies in this industry. Inexpensive operators may not provide adequate uniforms for their personnel and they probably deploy them without proper training. If you are hosting a world class gathering, then you would not want to work with employees who might not even speak English.

Well established operators do not shortcut their employee management. They certify their staff and are affiliated with legitimate partners. These firms offer transparency and function with integrity. Getting the best resources requires you to make an investment.

Finally, sufficiently map out your entire day. Structuring an itinerary means you will not make haphazard decisions and yet you could still move to and fro while unimpeded. Ask others to assist you whenever possible and commit yourself to creating an exciting and festive affair.

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