Creating Ingenious-Looking, Unique Save The Dates Cards

By Roger Edwards

Marriages are a special occasion. It makes perfect sense for the involved parties to do all that is within their reach to make it grand and spectacular. There are many varied facets involved in making this day an utter success. Most of them are frustrating and very challenging to pull off. They are all worth the time, effort and energy spent at the end of it all. Here is an article discussing one such neat initiative guaranteed to make your auspicious day truly memorable. It goes by the name unique save the dates cards. It is abbreviated as STDs.

Ideally, these cards were designed to act as a prerequisite to the formal invitation cards. They come first before the confirmatory RSVP cards are sent out to potential attendants to the ceremony. They help to streamline the overall preparation process. For instance, the planner gets a clear picture of just how many guests they will be hosting come the big day.

By default, this commodity often comes containing the necessary information about the upcoming event. They will mention both names of the couple. It states the exact date and time they have agreed upon. It is often sent out six months in advance. Go for the simple do it yourself ideas and pointers. Avoid the temptation of going for the ultra-complicated items.

But then again, irrespective of the concept you opt for one thing is certain. Making this cards is not the easiest endeavor. It takes the individual to be keen, analytical and determined. To make matters worse, the world is now full of a thousand and one fantastic tips, ideas and concept designs one could use. The problem lies in sifting through all of them and finally picking the best option for them all.

Themed weddings are the in-thing nowadays. Everyone from rock stars to regular Joes is fascinated and wildly drawn into them. Nothing says themed wedding more than a customized save the day card matching the actual wedding. It acts as a teaser of sorts. It gives the visitors a taste of what is expected to come.

One of the top ten ideas involves something fun that the couple will enjoy partaking in. They lie on the ground, or they stand beside a wall. They then use any color chalk to draw an impressionable outline suggestive of their motives and intentions. For instance, they would draw an outline of them wearing wedding attire while holding hands.

Movie fans and enthusiasts love to incorporate movies into their cards. They either make a film roll with a message on the inside. You all know what the message reads by now. Alternatively, they Photoshop their images over famous movie posters and below it the name of the movie. Only that this time around the movie is their particular date. Scratch cards containing the communication of their event beneath are also a favorite choice.

Confetti never disappoints. People have come to associate it with fun and everything grandiose. Use it in the individual wrappers you will be sending to potential guests. Make it such that it comes flying off the container once the other party opens it up. They will enjoy it so much.

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