Things To Know About Quantum Wave Laser Treatment

By Andrew Stone

Diseases claim very many lives from the society every day. This unfortunate trend is due to the shortage of medical knowledge and amenities in the community. The introduction of quantum wave laser treatment and other modern therapy systems has quite checked the situation, however. This Laser treatment uses a concentrated beam of light to pinpoint and eliminates the infected area in the human body. A special light of unique characteristics is used to effect the treatment.

These light rays are focused on the affected area enabling the doctor to view it clearly. Therefore, this expert is able to operate with a high degree of precision and administer the remedy effectively. Due to precision, the remedy is administered without harming any of the other tissues around the local area. The system is merited for less postoperative pain, scarring and swelling. The medical applications for this technology are endless. They range from the removal of kidney stones, repair of impaired retinas, elimination of tumors, polyps and precancerous growths to the enhancement of vision.

In addition to the above, there is also speculation that this method could prove quite helpful in the fight against cancer. The early stages of vaginal, cervical, basal skin cancer and penile cancer can be dealt with efficiently. Due to the complex nature of these conditions, however, the physician has to use the system together with other methods treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery or radiation. The method is also useful for cosmetic body repairs.

The procedure used during these operations varies depending on the condition being treated. For instance, during the treatment of a tumor, a flexible endoscope is required to direct the laser beam. This scope enables the surgeon to see materials inside the body. The thin, lighted gadget is inserted through the body opening such as the mouth. In contrast, cosmetic treatment is achieved by applying the laser beam directly to the affected skin.

There are three different categories of light beams that are used in such procedures. Once again the kind of ailment being treated will determine the type of light to be used. Carbon dioxide and Argon lasers are ideal for making shallow incisions and therefore, used to treat superficial cancers of the skin. The latter is particularly useful during photodynamic therapy.

Quantum therapy has several potential benefits for the patient. To begin with, the level of precision that is exercised during this procedure minimizes damage to other surrounding tissue. The surgery process takes a lot less time when compared to the traditional systems. One does not have to spend several hours or nights at the hospital. The person also recovers very fast and experiences less pain, swelling or scarring.

Several risks are associated with this modern medical procedure. These risks include pain, infection, bleeding and triggering of the cold sore and genital herpes causing herpes simplex virus. In some cases, patients report experiences such as skin color change and scarring. The procedure is also very expensive, and not many people can afford it.

To eliminate all these risks, one has to ensure that his or her surgeon is qualified, well experienced and highly reputable. The hospital where the procedure will be carried out must be well equipped with all the necessary tools. Evaluate all possible alternatives carefully before making a decision.

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