Disadvantages Of Non Profit Volunteer Organization

By William Kelly

Many people, who work today in organizations and companies, work so that they can get paid later after they complete the tasks assigned to them. There is a small number that can work for free. This small number of people joins together and come up with non profit volunteer organization. They assist the community and the public at large. They do not expect any profits at the end of their services.

There are some benefits that one can acquire when he or she is involved in such activities. Some of the advantages may include that the person is allowed to know how the group of people work together. One is allowed to meet with the people in that group and learn how the group works. There are the interpersonal relations with each other and this helps somebody to know his colleague better.

This type of work is very tiring both physically and emotionally. This is because a person has to work all the day long and the most disappointing point is that you do not expect any payments from anybody. One has to think beyond where he or she is going to get funds that are going to help him sustain his own needs. Sometimes this makes a person to be stressed up with so many things and eventually this may lead to a very serious depression.

Other times you may find this kind of job to be frustrating. This is because one may find out that his colleagues are not taking the job seriously as they ought to. This somehow demotivates a person and feels like he or she is not going to continue with the same kind of job. It takes a lot of courage for one to explain and convince his colleagues about the type of job they are doing and what is expected of them.

When somebody is rewarded for the kind of work that he or she does, it feels more motivated. This encourages a person to continue working hard as they do not know what they will be rewarded with next time. This job of offering services for free sometimes does not motivate somebody. This is because no pay is made at all to anybody who works.

When people are working together, there reaches a point where there is some sort of disagreement. This disagreement may lead to a conflict which may inflict injuries to people or people get hurt emotionally. This is another challenge that the workforce faces. It is important to live harmoniously with each other so that life can be more interesting.

A person is also in a position of gaining new skills from his or her work mates. People are all different and have got different abilities and ways of doing their things. When somebody interacts with other people, he or she can learn something new that he never knew before.

One is also able to identify his weak points as well as the strong points. When one identifies his areas of weakness, he will be able to work on them and improve them. The experience of a person keeps on growing each and every day.

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