Appreciating The Tiki Lifestyle

By Kevin Lewis

When was the last time you remember truly thinking about a tiki? When was the last time you remember seeing one? If they are commonly found in a given area, tikis can be largely ignored. They almost become invisible. That is a bit of a shame for tikis have much to offer. If we can simply allow ourselves a fresh view of them we may find that tikis can truly be a lot of fun, can make your home or living space all the more interesting and give you some measure of happiness and enjoyment.

You may think, "who cares?" Tikis are just designs that a few bars use to spruce up the place. Really, unless you truly, simply don't care for them (yes, there are some individuals that don't), there are a few reasons.

To begin with, tikis look cool, in a fundamental and basic kind of way. It is true that, contrasted with different sorts of statues, they are quite rough. Be that as it may, it is this purposeful roughness that makes them so cool. While not being as pristine and perfect as a marble figure from a renaissance artist, they can have a very powerful impact. Tikis are a part of the Polynesian society from quite some time ago. Those antiquated times and how their tikis were interwoven in their culture truly catches the mind in reverie.

Polynesian culture is an expansive, rich and fascinating topic, well worthy of study for those so inclined. For our purposes, within the context of this article, suffice it to say that tiki statues represent "First Man." It is generally believed that "First Man," himself a god, was the progenitor of all Hawaiian people. Other deities included the god of war, the god of agriculture, the god of creation and god of the sea. When tiki sculptures were made, the god whose likeness it represented would actually embody the sculpture, if pleased with it, giving good fortune and peace to all people.

Last but not least, tikis can actually help provide a great way to vicariously experience the beauty of the tropics. One does not necessarily need to live in Hawaii to experience the intrigue and relaxation of the tropics. It doesn't have to just include a tiki statue, either. Tiki huts, tiki bars, tiki torches and tiki parties, because of their association with idyllic, far off places, can help bring paradise just that much closer.

With all these great advantages, what's not to like! Why not put a little tiki in your life? Most of the tiki items discussed herein are easy to find, and most are fairly cheap.

For those do-it-yourselfers among you, most tiki themed items are not that hard to make. Even tiki statues and tiki huts can be made, although they might require a bit more time and energy.

If all that sounds like too much work, a tiki party or luau may be the way to go. Items for a tiki party abundantly available and offer a lot of value for your money.

Hopefully this article will help you reconsider the value and potential of those seemingly ubiquitous elements of Polynesian culture, the tikis. Good fortunes and I hope tikis can help make your days a little brighter.

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