You Can't Always Be Positive, But...

By Evan Sanders

In truth, you can't always be positive.

Why? Because that's not really living an honest and balanced lifestyle. There is always a dose of negativity in our lives which balances out and helps us appreciate the good times.

As we continue to grow throughout life, we experience bigger and bigger challenges. Carl Jung, A famous psychologist once said, "The brighter the light the darker the shadow." This honestly couldn't be more true. As we experience the light more and more, it also gives us the capacity to experience the darkness. This is the balance of life.

On the journey of self discovery, everyone is interested in making a mark in this world and adding value to other peoples lives. But in order to truly become the greatest individual we can, we must spend time exiting through the challenges of life.

For years I've been willing to pull a lesson or learning point out of even the worst situations to help provoke thought in others. But what I'd like to share with you is that I am not always positive. Actually I don't ever force myself to be because that only creates inauthenticity.

We all go through tough times and dark moments. We all suffer and we are all challenged by life. That is what makes each of us similar to one another. But if we can continue to put our hearts on the line and breathe into those challenges, we will always be ok.

So yes, always look for the light in the dark, but you don't have to always push for positivity when it feels inauthentic to you. Some days are going to be very hard and make you want to cry. That's ok.

If we can express our emotions during these dark times, we are able to live an authentic life that truly makes an impact on others.

Living this way is real. Living this way is truly honest.

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