Finding Custom Wedding Rings In NYC

By Anglea Garrett

When couples marry, there will usually be an exchanging of rings at the ceremony. Many people will simply visit a high street jeweler and select the bands from the selection in the store. An alternative to this is to look for custom wedding rings in NYC and there are companies who can design and manufacture jewelry to your own specification.

Some careful thought is required when you are having bespoke jewelry made due to the many options available. Many people will decide to use a piece of jewelry that has been in their family for years made into a new ring. Other options are to have a personal message or significant date etched on the inside of the band which will make it extra special.

Before you find someone to produce your rings you will need to take some time to think about the design and what you want them made from. A wedding ring can be constructed from various precious metals as well as steel and carbon. Some pieces will be fairly plan bands with no decoration and others may be beautifully engraved or set with a precious stone.

There are a couple of places where you will find a company to supply custom made jewelry and a little care is needed. There are many jewelers to be found in most neighborhoods that are able to make a ring to your designs. These are a good place to visit before you start to think of designs as you may get ideas from items they already have in stock.

The internet is also a great place to find a firm to manufacture a unique piece of jewelry. The web based manufacturers can supply you with a band from their stock or they will make one from a design that you have sent to them. Most of the sites will have a detailed picture gallery so that you can see their creations which can be helpful when you are designing your own jewelry.

Before you make a final decision on a manufacturer it is advisable to obtain a few quotes so that price comparisons can be made. The prices charged will be dictated by a few things such as the design, materials used and the time taken to make it. If you decide to have a piece of jewelry recycled you should have it valued by a jeweler beforehand.

When you have decided to have a piece of jewelry made, you will need to speak with your chosen maker. They will either offer you some designs that they have produced or will discuss your plans and work out the best way to make it a reality. In some cases the jeweler will offer to make a steel prototype of the piece so that you can see what the finished one will look like.

It is important that you only use a well established professional company when you are having your jewelry made. Internet manufacturers will usually have a reviews page on their web site which will have comments from satisfied clients which are worth looking at. It is advisable to ask the makers to show you some pieces that they have made and this will give you an idea of their standards.

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