What Are The Characteristics Of Rolex Submariner

By Cynthia Hill

When you have a plan to buy a watch, make sure you would read feed backs and reviews from different people who have tried them. You cannot just rely what you read on the news papers and people who would try to promote the product. So there will be many people who would buy them. The price is not cheap so you have to be careful and ensure that is worth of the money you spent.

Most people call this one as a luxury watch because of its cost. Cost is not cheap but expensive and is a good investment of you money. And one important tool for the divers around the globe. The water could not penetrate though you placed them underwater for how many hours. Rolex submariner Tx is very useful and great choice to all divers because of its advantages.

You purchase the one you like and that suits to your budget. It is fine if you have the oldest models. You would still get the same benefits. The only difference for the ones that are new are the additional features. To make you happy and will tighten the security. So they will not be damage right away.

Waterproof. You should be careful always, despite of being waterproof. Because there is a maximum limit to them. For the new ones or models it reaches to 660 feet depth. And when you have the old model, there is a maximum of 300 feet only. You can measure the depth before going down there to see.

Triplock system. Once you see this one, then you know it is real and it is not fake. You should be careful of fake watches that are sold in the market today. To avoid wasting money and this is your indicator. There is three dots on the crown on top. Covered with oyster case to protect from scratches and cracks.

Stainless steel. The case is solid and is durable because of stainless materials. The gold and silver you see in them, they are coming from the Rolex foundry. From the manufacturers itself. And it serves as their trademark for easy identification from the other brands.

Unidirectional bezel. This is very important to the divers. So they have a guide and will not be having a hard time to follow. Especially immersion time. And could keep track of the minutes they were inside. It gives them a warning that they have been there too much and they need to come out.

Perpetual rotor. This one feature is very important and it is not placed there without a purpose. Be sure that watch did not stop and it function still. Though, they are primarily used to immerse to the water, you will not have to worry too much. Since all parts are authentic and made of high quality products. If you see the calendar mechanism, you can set the time and date to make it accurate.

Laser etched crown. This is an additional security to the watch. Because this is worn everyday and in any occasions. There is a tendency that they are prone to cracks and scratches. No need to worry, since the added crown will protects them.

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