Choosing A Beautiful Central Park Wedding

By Susan Anderson

Everybody wishes for their wedding to be magical and a day that they will remember fondly. There are those who choose to marry in church, with some others preferring a simpler civil service. Often a civil ceremony can lack romance, but if the setting is right it can be as beautiful as any cathedral. A great combination of simplicity with a stunning setting is a central park wedding.

New York, NY, perhaps the world's most famous city boasts parkland at its heart which is iconic in its own right. Featuring in TV series and movies this landmark attraction provides a marvelous setting for a romantic marriage. There are many places inside the park from which to choose and there are sites where you can find information about them and all place bookings.

Situated off 5th Avenue at 105th Street, one of the most popular places for weddings is the glorious Conservatory Garden. There are three different European styled areas, each having a feature fountain or pool. The English area features a circular labyrinth while the Italian style pergola gives an ideal backdrop for taking photographs.

Over on the west side another popular choice is the Ladies Pavilion. This glamorous Victorian style iron pavilion is near by The Lake. It transports you back to days where ladies carried parasols and gentlemen escorted them arm in arm on romantic walks. This area is located between 75th and 76th St.

All the elements of nature come together at The Pond providing the perfect combination of peace and beauty. Ducks swim about on the pond while trees and flowers frame the lake with blooms and foliage. The Gapstow Bridge the background adds the feel of a Monet painting to an already idyllic scene. The Pond is located just inside the main entrance which is off 5th Avenue at 56th Street.

Once you make the decision that you wish to get married in Central Park, there are a few more things to decide. You need to choose your marriage date taking into consideration that you may not put up tents or pavilions. In the event of really bad weather you may need a backup plan just in case it is not possible to use your first choice. With dates in mind you can then go onto the web to book the location you selected.

There are restrictions surrounding the size of group allowed at some of the ceremony sites. There are planners who can help you pick the right one depending on the number of guests you would like to invite. The maximum possible is 300, but with some areas the number is a lot fewer. You will need to apply for a permit from the Parks and Recreation Department which may take anywhere up to 30 days to be processed. This permit can be applied for online and your planner should be able to assist you with the paperwork.

The only other paperwork required is your marriage license which is issued by the city clerk. There is plenty of information about this on the city websites and is necessary regardless of where you choose to marry. The license is normally issued on the spot at city hall but you must have it 24 hours prior to your marriage. There are companies online who offer their services to help arrange your special day at this amazing location.

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