The Importance Of The Eternal Salvation Doctrine

By Andrew Jones

Eternal salvation is the central theme of God's word, the Bible. Not only is the eternal salvation doctrine the central theme, it is the most important doctrine of all. Because of its truth, every person can know for sure where they will spend eternity.

The book of Genesis is the beginning of this doctrine. God created Adam and Eve and put them in the Garden of Eden. It was a perfect and beautiful place to live. Adam and Eve could do anything they desired except eat the fruit of one specific tree. It sounded so simple.

As Eve was alone in the garden one day, the devil approached her and encouraged her to eat the fruit of the tree that God had strictly forbidden them to eat. He used a number of lies to convince Eve that it would not hurt a thing if she disobeyed God. After all, the fruit looked delicious. Eve succumbed, ate the fruit and disobeyed God. She not only ate it herself, but she convinced Adam to eat it, too. Little did they know the drastic change that would take place when sin entered the world.

From the moment Adam and Eve sinned, every baby that has been born has been a sinner. Sadly, sin cannot be present in heaven, because God is perfect, and he cannot permit sin in his presence. Each individual has a sin debt that must be paid. It is impossible for a person to pay that debt on his own. He cannot do enough good works to cancel it.

Because of sin, God knew man would need a perfect, blood sacrifice to pay his sin debt. God's son, Jesus, was the only one qualified to make that sacrifice. God's unwavering love for mankind, caused him to give Jesus to die on the cross in order to pay the sin of every woman, child and man.

Jesus' death on the cross and the shedding of his blood for lost sinners was complete payment for the past, present and future sins of all mankind. He paid the price for each, individual sinner. His resurrection proved that sin's debt had been fully paid.

God wanted people to have a choice in their eternal destiny, so he made Jesus' death on the cross a gift to anyone who wanted to believe and receive it for himself. Those who believe God and receive this wonderful gift are promised eternal life in heaven when they die. Those who choose to live their lives without God and attempt to reach heaven on their own will ultimately fail and will spend eternity in hell, separated from God for all eternity.

Each person must recognize the importance of this doctrine. A person receives life everlasting in the moment that he truly believes that his sin debt has been paid by Jesus, and he accepts the gift that God has offered him. Instantaneously, his life changes without any action on his part. The heavy sin burden and the doubts disappear and joy, contentment and peace replace them. There is no doubt in his mind that he has been forgiven and that God has given him a new life.

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