The Joy Of Cruise Ship Weddings New York

By Ann Lewis

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, so you definitely want to do it right. There are lots of moving parts to planning a wedding, and it can seem pretty stressful at times. Take a look at cruise ship weddings New York to help you not only get a great, unique location for your wedding, but to also help with all the planning.

Though many think of large cruise ships when they think of a wedding cruise, a New York, NY cruising ceremony has smaller ships that are not gargantuan. They are large enough to accommodate all your guests though, and you get to hear the sounds of sea waves and take in clean air while getting married.

There are two main types of marriage events hosted on cruises. One is a shipboard ceremony, where you cruise the Harbor during the ceremony and reception. At an appointed time, the boat will dock and the event will be over. Guests will be helped off the ship, and you can go off to your honeymoon.

The other less common type of cruising ceremony is held onboard a larger, traditional cruise ship, which leaves after the ceremony to other countries as a part of your honeymoon. Your entire wedding party does not have to go on the honeymoon with you, though. They can simply get onboard for the exchange of vows, and then leave after a short reception.

The shipboard kind is much more laid back and affordable, and the one that many New Yorkers clamor to when they want a unique wedding experience and the feeling of being out on the water. It is much like a traditional ceremony, because the boats come with ample dining rooms space, a bridal suite and plenty of bathroom and changing facilities for both guests and members of the wedding party. There are plenty of amenities for all needs.

Most companies that own ships that hold these ceremonies have tiers or levels of service available. You can choose from a served and seated dinner where each guest gets their plates brought to them from a preplanned menu. Then there is the buffet, where they get to choose from a large selection of foods to suit any appetite and dietary need. A band can be provided, or you can bring your own onboard with you.

One of the best perks is you get to work with a team to help bring all this together. The stress of planning your big day melts away as an experienced team lays out all your options and takes care of all the logistics and details. This lets you focus only on getting married, and not on the running of the ceremony.

The sky is really the limit when it comes to what kind of events can be held on the ship. If you are planning an engagement party, that is a great place to hold it as well. If you want to have bachelor or bachelorette parties, out to sea is a great way to do it. Rehearsal dinners held onboard have the added bonus of ensuring nobody gets lost on the pier on the big day, since they'll already know where to go.

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