Spiritual Experience For Everyone Around

By Kimberly Stone

It is great to know that there may possibly be a grand holy being who is able to create all of the wonders which currently exist upon this planet. He and his son have given many people a spiritual experience that they will never forget as time passes on. These wonderful happenings can often bring joy into a person's life even though they had been alone and sad.

There was a certain lady who had lived around Chicago for her entire life and she had always believed in God and his great powers. Unfortunately throughout the years all of this had changed since she witnessed the horrors which happened to her family and friends. For the moment she was just happy to be doing a bit of repairs on some old and dusty carpets.

Some of the carpets had lost all of their coloring since they had faced many abuses during the years. She was lucky enough to have a big porch which could accommodate all of her precious furs. Halfway through this ordeal she was able to spot a young fellow who was approaching her doorstep and he looked very impressive with his wavy hair.

This very handsome male was also wearing nothing but blue jeans since he had no shirt upon his back. He walked along in simple sandals which seemed very comfortable in every way possible. He made a sudden stop at the woman's front door and asked for a glass of cold water. She was happy to help the lad out and asked him to sit a moment while she went inside the house to get the drink.

Once she was back she was holding a large tray which was supporting a pitcher of lemonade and two glasses filled with ice. He was very happy to see these items and welcomed the drink immediately. During this time the woman started to tell the young man about her tragic life and all of the wicked things that had happened.

She gladly shared the history of her family and how she became a widow at an early age. This lady managed to survive even though many of her family members had been murdered or died at a young age from disease. A tear came across her face as she told the male about the children that she never had since her body could not hold a baby for a period of time.

After hearing all of these events the male embraced the woman's small hand and made her a promise which would change her entire life. He knew that she had lost all faith in mankind and was ready to give up on all the joys which the future was about to bring. This news made her feel a little better as the two of them enjoyed some more lemonade before parting.

His big strong arms felt very nice around her slender body and she could feel his energy coming into her soul. She knew that there was something odd about the male as she watched him leave her porch and continue his walk up the road. Life did indeed get better for her after the chance meeting with this kind stranger. One day she was fortunate enough to encounter a good looking male who would soon become her husband. The two of them later obtained a baby boy from the local state agency.

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