Prayer For Healing Overtakes Medicine In The Percentage Of Effective Treatments

By Mary Carter

God is there throughout your life, whether it is through happy memories from your childhood to the excellent career and relationships you now have in your adult life. It's easy to have faith when everything is going smoothly and your health is in peak condition. It's harder to keep the faith when you get sick, but prayer for healing will give more hope to you than any over the counter medicine can provide.

There are many people from different faiths who have spoken about the immense power of prayer through difficult trials. Whether they are Muslim, Christian or Jewish, they have all reported the satisfaction of healing they have experienced as a direct result of prayer. They speak about the many ways that praying to God has brought about this immense feeling of peace and hope through their darkest times and caused them to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

There are a lot of firsthand accounts of people who have experienced the therapeutic effect that praying for a sick family member or friend can bring. This has the added bonus of making everyone involved in this tragedy more open to the various ways the afflicted individual can heal. There is a lot to be said for the act of faith when you leave everything in the hands of God.

Another reason why people are so keen to gain help through prayer is because there is so much of peace to be found when praying. Atheists have told accounts of unashamedly begging God for help because they needed to know that someone out there will be listening to their cries for help. The peace you find when praying leads to the ultimate hope that you or your loved one will definitely be cured.

There is no greater peace than the peace that comes from pouring out your heart to God and knowing in your heart that he listened to your plea. If you have faith that he will listen to your prayers and grant you good health and a cure from your illness, then it doesn't matter what your prognosis says. Miracles are always more powerful than anything that can be done by a doctor's hand.

When experiencing a high level of discomfort and pain during the illness, most people decide to abandon their faith because they do not believe there is any hope for them. This is when you are tested, and you need to overcome your weakness to realize that God is planning something for you. Do not desert your faith when it is easy, because that is a sign of giving up on yourself.

Sometimes these trials are given to you as a means of recruiting atheists into the fold of religion. When these atheists see the miracle of your recovery, they will begin to believe. This might be another reason your prayer is so valuable.

Your recovery depends heavily on your faith. Do not lose hope, as millions of people like you have overcome their circumstances to go on and lead healthy lives. Prayer always heals better than medicine can.

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